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Unfriended: Dark Web
Director: Stephen Susco
WritersStephen Susco
Starring: Rebecca Rittenhouse, Betty Gabriel, Chelsea Alden
MPAA Rating: R
Official Socials: Site | Facebook Twitter | Instagram | IMDb
Hashtag: #BewareDarkWeb
A teen comes into possession of a new laptop and soon discovers that the previous owner is not only watching him, but will also do anything to get it back.

I'm not a fan of horror movies, but every now and then I watch one to see if this is the one that's going to change my mind. The reason I don't watch horror movies is because I don't find them entertaining, I think they're incredibly predictable, and it also makes me wonder how dark is the mind of the creator of said movie (remember, I am a mental health therapist during the day). Anyway, I decided to give this movie a chance and see how I felt about horror movies after. Guess what? I still feel the exact same way.

I didn't know this movie was a second part to another movie when I went to go see it. Yet, I was told, it is very different from the first one. See, the first one deals more with the paranormal whilst this one does not. As you can see from the synopsis above, the movie's plot starts with this "teen" (all the actors look way older than teen and look and behaved more like college students than teens) finds a new laptop and very quickly finds out there's something odd about it, but, more importantly, that the owner wants the laptop back and is willing to go through some incredible lengths to get it back, starting with blackmail.

The one thing that stood out to me about the movie is that humans can be so incredibly predictable that it seriously is stupid. The way things develop in the movie show that you don't have to even plan things too much or too carefully because most humans are just so predictable -as horror movies are to me. Almost everything every character did I saw it 5 steps before. I was not surprised once by anything that happened, and was, honestly, bored most of the movie. The only thing new, at least to me, was how this group of people could create the program that hacks into all their computers, how much control they have over everything, and how incredibly powerful they just seem to be. I just don't buy it. Also, some of the characters were made out to be smart and computer geniuses, yet got dumbed down and couldn’t figure things out or how to shut it down. Give me a break!

I will say, though, that I did like the acting. I've seen acting in other horror movies (the few I've seen) that just look so fake and exaggerated. In this film, each actor really looked like they were in distress and freaked out. I was pleased to see more effort being put into acting in a horror movie, to be honest, because it helped it be more tolerable. Another thing I liked is that the gory parts were short, sweet, and to the point. There was no need for excessive amounts of blood or gore for the heck of gore.

Before I conclude, I found out today through a friend (thanks Ike!) who sent me this link that the movie actually has two different endings and that they're being played in different theaters. We have no clue what the different endings are or which theater is playing which, but, honestly, I am a little curious to know what the alternative ending is.

If you like horror movies with lots of suspense, or just like mindless "entertainment", then go ahead and watch this movie. The gory parts were a little bit different and some (very few) were not predictable. I talked to a few of the people who attended the screening who like horror movies and had also seen the first movie of this series, and they stated they liked it. So, as I said, if this is your type of movie, go watch it. Hope you enjoy it more than I did.

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