Book Review: You Always Change The Love of Your Life (For Another Love or Another Life) by Amalia Andrade + Giveaway

You Always Change The Love of Your Life (For Another Love or Another Life)
Author: Amalia Andrade
Reading Level: Adult
Genres: Non-fiction | Self-help | Interactive | Illustrated
Released: December 31, 2018
Review Source: Penguin Books Original

A delightful interactive roadmap for getting over a broken heart, with quirky illustrations, song lyrics that totally get it, recipes for eating your feelings, the unique comfort of making lists, and much more A broken heart can feel like the end of the world, but bestselling author and illustrator Amalia Andrade knows this simply isn’t true. Change is not a defeat or a surrender, but rather a promise. Because if the “love of your life” doesn’t work out, there is always a chance for something new—a new love, or a new life. In these pages, you’ll find the secret code for interpreting text-message read receipts, loving odes to Beyoncé, the ideal playlist for crying in the shower, and much more.

This book is not your typical self help book. From the very beginning the reader is taken through a journey of not only self care, but also self discovery. Amalia Andrade, the author, takes you on a path of humor and heart break as she guides you through heart ache.

Now when you think of this genre of book, fun and engaging typically are not adjectives you would supply. This book is not just perfect for a once over read through. I read this book several times before starting my review and wish it was around when I went through my own heart aches.

The illustrations and activities in the book themselves are quite helpful. Amalia supplies you with her versions of helpful tips and allows the reader to supply their own. Throughout the book you can read her personality and know she writes this book from a place of love and wants to help those around her.

To summon up, this book is one to hold onto. We might be wise away from a relationship and heart ache, but this book will guide us back to be the self we love.

Amalia Andrade was born in Cali, Colombia, in 1986. She studied literature at Pontifical Xavierian University in Bogotá. She’s been drawing forever. She’s written for several magazines in both Colombia and the United States. She believes strongly in the power of keeping a diary. When she grows up, she want to be a mix between Sylvia Plath and Tina Fey. She lives in Bogotá with her cats.

Beyond the page, Andrade has many more stories to share—from her upbringing under the Cali cartel to attending rehab for love addiction. She is available for interviews.

Open to US resident only.

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