Book Review: Moonlight Scandals by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Moonlight Scandals
de Vincent #3
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Reading Level: Adult
Genres: Paranormal Romance
Released: Avon Mass Market
Review Source: January 29th 2019

The culmination of a darkly sexy, compellingly eerie, and totally binge-worthy series by #1 New York Times bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout, MOONLIGHT SCANDALS (Avon Books, on-sale 1.29.19) is the perfect read for anyone who found themselves absolutely entranced by The Witches of East End! This series is such a gothic soap opera, and MOONLIGHT SCANDALS provides drama, sex and suspense in equal measure to Moonlight Sins and Moonlight Seduction.

The de Vincent brothers, Lucian, Gabriel and Devlin are cursed – or, at least, the women they fall in love with are. Family legend is that de Vincent women are fated to die early…and tragically. And tragedy is something the de Vincents excel at: this dysfunctional family has a dark past: their mother fell prey to the curse, their father died under mysterious circumstances (with many in their upscale Louisiana community whispering of murder or suicide), their sister is catatonic after having been thought missing for ten years…and their uncle is just a power-hungry bastard. The brothers all live in an antebellum Southern mansion, which is not in the gentile districts of New Orleans, but deep in the bayou. Everyone knows, bad things happen in the bayou.

Moonlight Scandals is the final book in the de Vincent supernatural series. This book has the elements of drama, passion, supernatural, and intrigue. Readers of the previous two books will be in for a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

Moonlight Scandals is set in modern New Orleans, and the reader is taken through the romantic tensions of the eldest de Vincent son. We are introduced to a new heroin in Rosie Herpin. She is a widower paranormal investigator who always had an interest in the de Vincent house. Little did she know how her path would cross with Devlin de Vincent. Devlin being the eldest of the de Vincent brothers, always felt his job was to protect his brothers. Never really letting himself have anything for himself. Devlin and Rosie had a Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth relationship, fueled by their own stubbornness and pride. Their relationship, however, is not the only theatrics both of our protagonists find themselves in. Noisy reporter, troublesome uncle, and possible haunting shape the ebb and flow of Devlin and Rosie's story.

I started reading this book without having read the first two books, oops. I was able to follow the story due to the author, Jennifer L. Armentrout, giving the little back story I needed on the de Vincent family through out the book. Devlin and Rosie really reminded me of a sexually charged Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth relationship (Pride and Prejudice). I was in awe of how I was infuriated and sympathetic with Devlin's inability to trust Rosie, because of assumptions based on his past interactions with people. Rosie was the kind of woman that reminded me of myself. She was lost after the death of her husband going into psychology to understand his passing and not really pursuing any career path with her degrees. The only thing she truly pursued with any pleasure was paranormal investigations. Though set in a supernatural setting, I thought it was missing those true elements of ghosts and paranormal story. I also thought some of the extra characters were set up to be elements of dramatic, but fell short. Other than those critics, this book was engaging and easy to read the night away. I recommend to read the first two and then this one just to have the context of Devlin's previous interactions with his brothers. Definitely a fun read and now I'll be finding the first two so I can complete my interactions with the de Vincent brothers.

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