Book Review: Playing With Demons by Cally Edwards

Playing with Demons
The Devil's In The Details #1
Author: Cally Edwards | Facebook | Instagram
Reading Level: Adult Fiction
Genres: Paranormal Romance | Urban Fantasy
Release Date: January 6th 2019
Review Source: Author

The Devil’s in the Details…

In a world where humans are unaware of the demons that roam amongst them, it’s left to the Nephilim to keep it that way—or at least that’s what Grace Campbell was brought up to believe. Grace might have been born half-Nephilim and half-demon, but her loyalty is wholly on the side of the good guys. She’s dedicated her life to protecting the innocent, and her mixed lineage only makes her better at her job. Unfortunately, her blood also makes her the only one capable of entering Hell’s hidden wards.

Now her latest assignment will see Grace endure the trials of the seven deadly sins in order to win a barbaric tournament to secure an important prize for the Nephilim. To survive, Grace will be forced to embrace her dark side and accept the help of her greatest opponent yet, Lucifer’s son. The very sexy Prince of Hell, Zadeon, will have Grace questioning just how bad, the bad guys are.

Playing with Demons is a story that brings the audience into a fantasy world of demons and angels in our world. Grace is a young woman with the unique background of being a half nephilim half demon. She trained her whole life to support the Nephilim in their quest to keep the human world safe from demons. Grace has to face her biggest challenge when her very self is brought to question. Who is Grace Campbell and what is the truth of her world?

Playing with Demons takes an unusual stance of turning our perceptions of good and evil on it's head. Most people would say demons are evil and angels are good, keeping the balance of the world as black and white. Cally Edwards, the author, takes these mythical beings and humanize them to the concepts that we are all familiar with. The audience follows Grace as she needs to discover the side of herself that she is loath to embrace, her demon blood. Cally not only explains how Grace could come about into existence, but we are able to believe it in the context of the story. What I liked most of this story is Cally researched the basic mythology of demons and angels so the story has a physical hold on what people's basic understanding of God, Lucifer, and the creation of demons.

This story also gives us a love story between Grace and Zadeon. Though he is a demon, Grace overcomes her indoctrinated hatred of demons and falls for Zadeon. Though I love the idea of them together, I was a little disappointed on how easily they fell in love. For me I wasn't truly for or against the relationship and that's why when they got together it didn't further or hinder the story. I hope as this series continues I find myself, as a reader, more engaged with the success of their relationship.

Playing with Demons is a fun read especially for those who love the supernatural elements. Cally has left the story open for more adventures for Grace and I cannot wait to see what awaits our little hunter in future books.

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