Having #DragonCon Withdrawals: Review of Day 3 - Sunday!

Sunday was another fun day at DragonCon. I got to meet some super cool people, talk to a lot of them, hang out with a few, meet in person someone I've fangirled for a long time (she owns a super awesome geeky tee shirt online shop that has exploded, and rightfully so), and got me some more Zachary Levi. Also got to meet and talk to the two main guys from the new Amazon Prime hit show "The Boys" and talk to Freema Agyeman (remember I promised the story for today?).

Read on for the full recap:

Wow, Sunday was SUCH a difference from Friday and Saturday in regards to how empty it was! It was almost like I had walked into a completely different con. I laughed very hard because the first thing I saw when I walked into the the hotel that day was this amazing cospaly:

I really laughed a good 5 minutes at this for the amazing creativity, and for the great effort too!

The first thing I had for that morning was my photo op with the two main guys from "The Boys". The show was just launched on Amazon Prime and it was an immediate hit. I was told my a fellow geeky friend I should watch it, and boy does he know me! I absolutely loved it. All I needed to know was that Karl Urban was in it, and that it was about superheroes. I didn't need to know the plot, but the plot does make it amazing. Anyway, I became obsessed with the show and gulped it as fast as I could when I watched it, so knowing that both Karl Urban (Butcher) and Jack Quaid (Hughie) were both going to be at DragonCon AND doing a teamup photo shoot, I had to jump on that ship like white on rice, as they say. And jump on it I did.

I made my line and I went up to them and I had realized I had not gotten one silly picture all weekend I could NOT have that. I'm known for silly pics and I needed one. So I go up to them (also guys, they are both SO much taller than I ever imagined! Wow!) and ask them for a silly pic. Jack asks me what I want, and I said, whatever you want. This was the result:

Honestly, I love this picture so much! We are all being so goofy and funny, while doing our thing, but yet, it works.

Side note: since it was September 1st, first day of the term at Hogwarts, you know I wore a Pottered outfit: Harry Potter-themed shirt with a tank that says "Must be a Weasley" and a hair bow that has different spells written on it.


Then after my awesome photo, I made my way to the Zachary Levi panel (yes, I went to all of them. No, I never got tired of any of them and I will go to any and all that I can in the future). This was his solo panel, which means it was on his terms: no moderator, no table, just him, his energy, and his fans. This time I spoke to the DragonCon volunteers and explained to them about my hearing problems and how I could not hear ANYTHING in the panels (I showed them my hearing aids too so they knew I wasn't lying!), so they made arrangements for me to be able to sit by a speaker. This meant I was to sit in the very front row right in front of a speaker. Here are some of the pics from that panel, and they have zero zoom in them:

Doesn't it look like he's looking at me in this pic? I could be wrong (of course I'm wrong), but it looks like it!

Zac was hilarious as usual, full of energy, and also full of light and love. Although the best answer was when my now friend asked him if he thought that Billy Batson/Shazam would've let a the bus in the movie fall on a cat if it would've been that animal in the way instead of a dog. He said no, of course, but then proceeded to tell us why he doesn't think that cats are very nice. And he also acted it out by showing us how cats deliberately throw things off the table or counter or whatever high space they can by throwing water bottles off the speaker he put them on. It was honestly so funny. His panels always are so full of energy and love and him being so gracious. And then they end too quickly.

So after his panel, I had the rest of the day wide open (there was supposed to be a The Boys panel later that day, but they had to cancel since they had to fly back out to go to work), so I went to the area of the autograph booths to get my pictures autographed. 

This was the day I got my Companions pictures autographed by Catherine and Freema. Catherine's meeting was quicker, she had a bit more people. Freema I was able to talk to a little bit more because I got there early right before she got too many people and I was one of the first in line to meet her. I was so excited to meet her and talk to her because I've loved her since Doctor Who and, I don't care if it's an unpopular opinion, I stick by it: Martha is my all time favorite Doctor Who companion for many, many reasons, but mostly because she was just plain and simple a badass; a badass who had the courage to walk away when she realized she was going to get her heart broken further. Not everyone has that courage. Anyway, I go up to her and I tell her all this and more. I tell her how much I love Martha and all the reasons why and Freema got teary eyed. It made her so happy to know that someone loves her character so much. She said to me: "I feel like the ones who love Martha are at a whole other level". That meant the world to me, Freema! We also talked a bit about her new show, New Amsterdam, and how I wanted to watch it (I have since then seen the first season and it's so good! Can't wait for season 2 that comes out this week!).

You guys saw my autographed picture by these two beautiful ladies in yesterday's post from Saturday, so no point on spamming you with it again. 

Well, after Freema, I went to Jack Quaid's booth since it was right next to her's. He had absolutely no line (which I was surprised to see), and Karl Urban's, which was next to his, was not at his booth, so I couldn't get to meet him again or get his autograph. Anyway, I go up to Jack and he recognizes me and calls me "silly face girl" from our picture earlier. Hey, I am more than ok with being called this by Jack, ok? We start talking and I tell him about how amazing I think the show is, he thanks me and tells me they're filming season 2 right now, which is why they had to cancel the panel because they have to go back and shoot the next day (which was, ironically enough, Labor Day). I show him the picture and he starts to make fun of Karl's pose and we laugh. We talked about other things and I remember we laughed a lot and it felt like we had been friends for a long time. Honestly, Jack is so incredibly sweet and humble and nice. Being the son of 2 of the biggest movies stars of all time, that's amazing to see they raised him so well, because he could've been so the opposite. I honestly feel like if he wasn't an actor and I would've met him randomly, we could be the best of friends. To proof this to you guys, our conversation basically ended with him telling me, "Taimara, you frigging rock!" And then he says he believes it so much, he was going to write it down on my picture, and so he did: 

Then, after this, I made way to visit Cooper Andrews, the cutest and sweetest foster dad ever. He was right next to Zachary Levi's booth, but I hope Zac doesn't think I was stalking him (I actually was, shhh!) because it just happened to be that all the people I wanted to meet were placed within his vicinity. Jack Quaid, Freema Agyeman, Catherine Tate, Karl Urban, Dan Fogler, and Cooper Andrews were ALL within the same area (some mere feet) of his booth. Anyway...I went over to Cooper's booth who also had no line at all (while Zac's had probably 99% of the people present at the con in his), so I went right up to him and asked him for a selfie. Before our selfies (which were so much fun), him and I got to talk a bit. I told him that I was worried about Hurricane Dorian possibly hitting my city, Miami, and that I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it home the following day, Monday (I didn't, I made it home Wednesday). We also talked other things and he was just so sweet. Also, way, way taller than I thought. All these guys I met at the con, other than Zac, are either 6'1" or 6'2" (except for Zac the giant at 6'4"!).

Anyway, Cooper grabs my phone and starts to go crazy with the selfies. He ended up taking a total of 11! Yes, 11 (I was told Catherine Tate takes like 13! I'll get some with her next time I see her), but I won't post all of them here. Every selfie had a theme. Like he'd tell me what was supposedly happening so we'd make a face. Enjoy some of them (captioned with what he told me right before taking the picture):

This one he said "let's get a cute, normal one" (also you can see the 
"evi" from Zachary Levi's poster on his booth right next to Cooper's)

Cooper was amazing as well. I feel like I made so many new and amazing BFFs (I know, I know, I'm only wishfully thinking so!)

After this, I met some cool peeps and we went walking around and then met a super cool girl and we went to go eat together. On those walks, I saw some fantastic cosplays, and here they are:

 Good and Bad Janet from "The Good Place"


 As a Potterhead, this made me so happy

 I don't watch horror movies, but I know this is from "It"..there were SO many of these

 This was awesome!

 This was so clever and funny, I loved it!

And that concluded day 3 of DragonCon for me!

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