Having #DragonCon Withdrawals: Review of Day 4 - Monday!

Monday, the last day of DragonCon, and the first day of the con without Zachary Levi (sniff!). If yesterday was empty, today was almost a ghost town, but I loved it. It made it so much easier to get some coffee in the morning at Starbucks and to go to the bathroom. It also meant the lines for the panels were almost non-existent.

First on the agenda was the panel with Cooper Andrews. It was supposed to include Zachary Levi, too, but I'm sure by Sunday night he was fed up and tired and just wanted to go home, so he ended up cancelling Monday. It's fine, it gave a chance for Cooper to get asked questions too! He was sweet and funny too. I couldn't get a picture at his panel because they were just not coming out right at all. The lighting was even worse and so I couldn't get a good picture of this panel.

After his panel was Dan Fogler's panel right after (about an hour after Cooper's ended) and that one was a little fuller. He was incredibly funny and silly, and also very kind to all his fans. His panel was very entertaining, especially for a Monday morning after a long and tiring weekend. It really was so much fun. The lighting here was SO much better, so I was able to get some pretty good pics:

After this, the day was very open. I went back to the autograph area, but it was mostly empty for most of the celebs had left already. Probably were tired or had to go to work. I spent another day meeting some very awesome people and seeing some cool cosplays too!! Oh and I finally got a picture with the girl I told you has a super awesome and geeky shop that I fangirl over.

Here are the pics:

 These are definitely not the droids he was looking for!

 Agent Romanov deserved better

 I loved this! Fat Thor, yes, still worthy, but also he kept commenting throughout the entire time
Kept telling me my hair reminded him of Scarlet's hair (he had the accent too!)

 This very sweet gentleman requested to take a picture with me because (even though you can't really see it here) my sweater says "NERD" across it and he had a "Nerd Herd" hat on. We both fangirled over Zachary Levi and he told me that Zac loved his hat and what a "wonderful young man he is".


Here she is. Her name is Jordan and her shop is Jordanené and you should DEFINITELY check out her awesome shop for the softest, coolest, geekiest shirts ever!

And that's a wrap on DragonCon for 2019! I really hope I get to come back for it next year and have as much or more fun then as I did this year. It'll be a little hard to top, but I challenge it to make it so!

I want to close this by saying a few thank yous: Thank you very much to DragonCon and their whole team for approving me as press and allowing me to cover for them, to allowing me to check this off my bucket list and have an amazing experience at their con, which ran flawless despite the mass of people and all the different hotels it's spread out into. Thank you especially to Dan Carroll (Dragon Con Director - Media Engagement) for all the attentions, for taking time to chat with me and making me laugh, for answering all my questions, for making sure I was safe and ok with my flights being cancelled due to the hurricane, and for even offering to help in all you could -there are few humans left like you on this earth! THANK YOU! Also big thanks and cheers to all the lovely people I met at the con, that saw me walking around alone and wanted to keep me company and to the ones I now have become friends through social media (and through our love of Zachary Levi, you know who you are ;) ). Thank you to my amazing, incredibly, fantastic Airbnb host for going above and beyond her duties and for also ending up becoming another friend to me. Thank you to my cousin for watching my babies (my dogs) while I was in Atlanta for all those days. Thank you very much also to Jordan (mentioned above) for being so sweet and also keeping me company a good portion of Sunday afternoon. 

Can't wait for the next con already!

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  1. I'm very jealous. I went to DragonCon last year, but since I live in the Seattle area, it was too far and also too expensive for me this year.


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