Don't Give Up on OUaT (and Me)!!!

You might have seen this posted on Twitter today, well this will be the long sappy version. 

OUaT has been around for a long time compared to other sites that started around the same time. It has evolved into so much throughout the years. What started as a 1 person blog, evolved into team of folks located worldwide. But life happens and people change, move on, etc...

OUaT has slowed down a lot in the last 2-3 years. Many of the reviewers have moved on in life. They have become Moms, started new life ventures or just didn't have the time anymore. And this is ok and expected. What I didn't expect, was that 2019 would affect me and OUaT. Here comes the sappy-sad part...

2019 has been one year to remember and it's not even over yet. This year has been good at times, but sad/heart breaking at other times. I have had to deal with medical issues that have impact my life, The passing of my Father in Law (CANCER SUCKS) very recently, my oldest is in his Senior year of High School, and the Family business we own has struggled. So OUaT, took a back seat and I honestly just has no energy to deal with it. 

I have seen its effects on our readers, our numbers have gone down. Publishers and PR companies have taken notice and its under stable that they just don't see OUaT as an asset to them. I will be OK, if these relationships never get reversed, we had a good thing for a long time. 

I will say, that this is not me quitting, this is not me saying that OUaT is going away. Nope! I have come to realize that I do miss OUaT. I miss having something to write about. I miss reading (its been over a year since I have finished a book). I still watch movies, but I miss chatting about them. Like, I said, I miss it. With that being said, I will start in 2020 to dedicate time again to OUaT. I will say, that OUaT won't be what it used to be, because it's going to be pretty much Me, Myself and I again. I do have 1-2 folks that still share a review here and there (which I am GRATEFUL for). So if you have been here since the start, it will be similar to how I use to run the pace back them. A post here and there and who knows what about. If you came along these last couple of years, I understand if OUaT, is not what you need anymore. Thank you for hanging out while you did. 

These are posts I plan to bring back in 2020:

  • book reviews 
  • movie reviews
  • random post about life events/moments
  • giveaways (not as often as before)
  • make up posts
  • pretty much anything I feel inspired to write about 
Social media will be waking up also (OuT Instagram, Twitter and Facebook). 
So there you have it. Again I ask, don't give up on OUaT (and me). See ya back at it in 2020! 


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  1. I did not see it on Twitter, but I check in on your blog from time to time to see what's new. Glad you'll still be posting. Sorry to hear about your family's struggles, and I hope that 2020 is a better year for you.


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