Book Review: The Rules of Enchantment by Wendy Tardieu

The Rules of Enchantment
Reading Level: Adult
Genres: Erotic | Fantasy
Released: August 17th 2020
Review Source: TCK Publishing
When a Sorcerer and a Scribe Team Up to Fulfill an Ancient Prophecy, The Fate of The World Lies in Their HandsIn the mythical kingdom of Salyndria, an exiled sorcerer named Leith plots to overthrow the restrictions placed on the use of magic by the Academy. Suspecting the worst, the Academy sends a beautiful young scribe, Kyler, to be his apprentice and act as an unwitting spy.Leith tries to drive her away by proving his reputation as a vicious and unforgiving master, but he soon discovers his new pupil is far more useful than she appears. As her charms and magical abilities become all too tempting for him to resist, the two join forces to fulfill a hidden prophecy that will grant them incredible power.Together, the sorcerer and the scribe will change Salyndria's history forever.Their story is equally sinister and sensual, a romantic dark fantasy adventure full of suspense and surprises.Fans of Defended by Darkness by Terry Bolryder, A Torn Paige by L. Rose, Innocence by Dean Koontz, and The Vine Witch by Luanne G. Smith will love this fantasy romanc

Visions of impending doom brings this story to light. A decision has been made to halt this destruction by asking a loyal scribe to enter the apprenticeship of a socreer known to give into his selfish dreams. Will loyalty win out in the end or is the allure of adventure's call too strong?

The Rules of Enchantment is an adult fantasy romance that encompasses a fictional world of magic. The audience is invited to explore a world richly created to transport them into sinister yet sensual experience. Kyler, is a young scribe from the Order of Shadow asked to enter in an apprenticeship with the exiled Leith. Unbeknown to Kyler, she is being used to prevent Leith and his mysterious assistant, Marisele, from obtaining a malevolent power. Slowly and surely Kyler releases herself from the doubts about her own magical abilities. Leith, through his brusque and stoic manner, is able to help Kyler harness her own magic that had alluded to her previous instructors. Just as Leith has helped Kyler, she also helps him discover there is more to life than just power. Is love strong enough to overpower one's driven desire for power and revenge? You be the judge.

The reader is given the unique ability to see the story through multiple characters point of view, mainly Kyler and Leith. This perspective allows for the understanding of motives that drive the story forward. I was surprised how I was ready to believe Leith's pursuits over the ones of Kyler. This was due to the fact that she had only ever known the Academy and nothing else. She never strayed from the rules placed before the organization. Leith, however, learned magic within the Academy, but began to question the regulations around the use of magic. Why shouldn't he pursue the most he can get out of magic? Why be restrained merely because of the limitations of others? In essence, Leith and Kyler are the missing halves to the other person. Throughout the book, you can see Kyler bringing Leith some of the original joy he found in magic before he became consumed with the pursuit of power. Leith shows Kyler that she was the only one truly limiting herself in magic. By allowing others to place her as an unteachable student, she retreats to pursuits she already excelled. Without risk there is no reward.

This story has me as a reader hoping to see an expansion of this world. Wendy Tardieu, the author, has created a foundation to a world you can easily lose yourself within. Rich with the imaginary of new and familiar concepts, the magic within the story is easy to follow whether you read fantasy or not. Though you are mainly rooting for the success of Kyler and Leith you can't help but wonder where other characters develop. The ending itself does close things neatly, however, I can see this as just being the beginning of a larger story. 

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