Book Review: Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother's Best Friend by Willa Nash

Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother's Best Friend
Holiday Brothers #2
Author: Willa Nash
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Released: 4th November 2021
Review Source: Purchased

I pride myself in being grounded. Sure, I’ve had my share of childhood fantasies. Winning an Oscar. Winning the lottery. Winning an Olympic medal for an athletic talent I have yet to discover. But the only fantasy I ever thought might actually happen was winning my brother’s best friend.

Heath Holiday.

My crush on him has ebbed and flowed over the years, but the day I started working for his construction company was the day I smothered it for good. Sort of. Mostly. It was on my to-do list. Making it a priority would have been easier had he not arrived at his family’s annual Christmas party looking ridiculously handsome in a suit.

Then he kissed me. We stepped into an alternate universe and he kissed me. I assumed the next day I’d just be Guy’s little sister again. The office newbie. Our kiss forgotten. Except he keeps showing up at my house. With gifts.

A gold bracelet carrying three jingling bells. Two dainty jeweled earrings, each shaped as a bow. And finally, he brought himself.

One brother’s best friend, asking if I can keep a secret.

This installment has one of my favourite tropes - the falling-for-my-brother’s-best-friend trope, which, in my opinion, is always a good addition to any book. Stella had a crush on Heath since way back when, and now they’re both finally doing something about it.

For a while their romance sizzles in secret, Stella and Health fearful of her brother’s reaction (who, by the way, is a bit of a douche) and now things are a little bit more complicated since they work together. I really enjoyed reading their journey.

Honestly, Stella was the shining star of this book. Her quirky personality made her my favourite character from this series (alongside Violet from The Naughty, The Nice and The Nanny). She had the best sense of humour. Here’s a small snippet to show you what I mean:

“Thank you. I know he’s going to be as mad as a hater but . . . he’ll get over it.”
“You’re welcome.” A smile tugged at the corner of my mouth. This woman and her messed-up sayings. “And it’s as mad as a hatter.”
“I know. But—”
“You like your version better.”
“Yeah. Haters gonna hate.”
“You got that one right.”

Three Bells, Two Bows and One Brother's Best Friend is a cute, fun read with hot sex and a pinch of tension mixed in. After reading it injected a feel good mood and I'm here for it!

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