Book Review: Shielded Wrongs by Adelaide Forrest

Shielded Wrongs
Bellandi Crime Syndicate #4
Author: Adelaide Forrest
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Mafia Romance | Contemporary Romance
Released: 10/26/2020
Review Source: Provided by author

Every killer has a weakness.

She’s the one woman I can’t have.

She’s forbidden to the Bellandi men. Yet after one look in her honey eyes, I need to carve myself into her soul so deeply, Sadie will never forget she’s mine.

Nobody else sees through her facade.

She’s a mess of contradictions. Full of jagged edges that threaten to pull me apart at the seams and unleash the beast who lurks beneath my skin.

I’ll be her shelter through the storm.

I can’t resist her fire and rebellion. But when she’s threatened by my enemies, I’ll risk everything to keep her safe from the man who seeks to use her as a weapon against me.

Even if it costs me my humanity.

At a Glance: Knowing this is Sadie's book, I am very excited.

Cover: As always, Adelaide Forrest has amazing covers and this isn't any different.

Action: With a war brewing, there was more action in this book compared to previous books. Sadie became a victim to two attacks, however, I'm not really sure she can be called a victim since she doesn't need a man to defend her, she's more than capable of doing it on her own with her dog.

Romance: Out of this series, this had the nicest romance in my opinion. It was a lot less intense, Enzo gave Sadie more freedom, embraced her for who she is and didn't try to control every aspect of her life. *cough, cough* Matteo, Ryker... I'm talking about you. *cough, cough*. This was a lovely romance!

Something I Loved: Sadie. She is my favourite character in the whole series so far. She is funny, witty and does not care what anyone thinks of her. I thought she was hilarious and kick-ass and I could have read more of her.

Something I Didn't like: Nothing. I really enjoyed this one! It also set up a future couple nicely and I hope we get their book.

Would I Recommend: Yes. Although this could be read as a standalone, I would recommend reading the whole series for the proper experience.

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