Book Review: Grieved Loss by Adelaide Forrest

Grieved Loss
Bellandi Crime Syndicate #3
Author: Adelaide Forrest
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Mafia Romance | Contemporary Romance
Released: 07/16/2020
Review Source: Provided by author

This shadow always follows his Sunshine.

Her life is a carefully crafted lie.

For years, I only watch my Sunshine from the shadows; my loyalty to the Bellandis demands nothing less. When her husband is killed, the path is clear for me to step in and claim her for myself.I’ll give her a glimpse into the truth.

I give Calla and her kids one year to grieve their loss. When the year is over, I pluck them from the grey world she clings to and insert them into the vivid color of my Bellandi life.

Even when it hurts, and she rails against me.

Rising tensions in my world threaten to steal her away from me, but I won’t let anyone take what is mine. Instead, I’ll demand every piece of her: Her heart, her body. Her soul.

And I won’t stop until I’ve taken everything.

At a Glance: 
I'm excited about this one! judging by the summary, I think this may be my favourite one so far.

If there's one thing this series has, it is beautiful covers. Like, wow.

There wasn't much action throughout but there was a some action towards the end of the book.

The romance was a different in comparison to what I usually read. Not bad different, but there are definitely some dubious concent moments. Sometimes (actually, a lot of the times) Calla has no choice but to go along with things because she's been given no choice in the matter.

Something I Loved:
How much Ryker loved Calla's kids. This wasn't just a blossoming relationship between Ryker and Calla, but a budding relationship with her two kids as well and I loved those moments of bonding.

Something I Didn't Like:
I thought Matteo from Bloodied Hands (book one) was Ryker is something else. Whilst I love him and his fiercely intense love and loyalty, it was also something I found quite intense, and I am not sure if I liked how it shaped the characters as a whole. It made Ryker seem dismissive of Calla, and Calla came across as weak and I don't know if it made their love feel a little unauthentic.

Would I Recommend:
Yes. Like the others in the Bellandi Crime Syndicate, Ryker is a very intense alpha male, however I still enjoyed the book despite his methods not being my favourite.

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