Book Review: Forgivable Sins by Adelaide Forrest

Forgivable Sins
Bellandi Crime Syndicate #2
Author: Adelaide Forrest
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Mafia Romance | Contemporary Romance
Released: 04/24/2020
Review Source: Provided by author

No one knows me like she does.

She’s the only one who has power over me.

I’ve loved Samara since I was a boy, since the moment I heard her sing and told her she would be my wife. I sacrificed that dream to keep her safe.

Our love is a secret, hanging unspoken between us.

Everything changes the night I find her beaten and broken by the man who should have protected her. What I have longed to do more than anything.

After all this time, the safest place for her is in my arms.

I’ve tried to be patient, to let her come to terms with the shift in our relationship, but soon I will make her mine. Time is running out for my Little Dove.

I won’t stop until she’s my wife.

Forgivable Sins is a friends to lovers story centered around Lino and Samara. It was a cute, easy read, and a nice addition to the series. 

There was a scene where Samara's brother, Yavin, found out about Lino and Samara's relationship (and marriage) and he was not happy that his little sister married his best friend. This is what Samara said back to Yavin, and it's one of my favourite parts of the book.

"Who introduced you to Lino? Who used to sit inside with Lino when he wasn't allowed to go play sports outside?"

"Who hugged him? Who listened to his stories about his father and kissed his boo boos when his father hit him, even if he was ten f*cking years old and too old for that sh*t?"

They have cared about and loved each other for so many years and I love that they finally get their happily ever.

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