Book Review: Heartless by Gena Showalter

Immortal Enemies #1
Author: Gena Showalter
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Released: June 29th 2021
Review Source: Purchased

Vengeance is irresistible…

Kaysar the Unhinged One, fae King of Midnight, can drive anyone to madness with his song. A ruthless warrior forged in hate, he lives to force his enemies to their knees. He will stop at nothing to succeed—even abduct and seduce his foe’s beloved bride, ensuring his own child one day sits on the male’s throne. Except, his prize escapes to the mortal realm before the first kiss, her heart transplanted into a mortal beauty with dangerous secrets…

Chantel “Cookie” Bardot is a professional gamer girl great at trash talking, bad at peopling. After a long awaited surgery, she begins to morph into a powerful fae princess. Catapulted into a strange land ruled by a cruel but seductive villain, she must battle flesh and blood monsters and navigate royal intrigues. But the true danger is Kaysar, whose every wicked touch tempts her beyond reason. Should she run…or descend into the darkness with him?

Heartless introduces a brand new world from Gena Showalter which introduces us to a world of fae and most importantly - Kaysar, King of the Dusklands. Kaysar is certifiably mentally unstable (they don't call him Kaysar the Unhinged for nothing) and I loved his character. He, alongside Chantal, were a perfect introductory couple to the series.

I never annotate my books - it's just not my thing but I actually used some of my university stationary to tab sections of my book because there were so many moments I loved - comments, thoughts, feelings that I wanted to flick back to. 

Kaysar has a lot of rage within from a childhood full of death, pain and torture so watching him go from angry and vengeful - a man who didn't like to kiss or touch and used pleasure as a weapon to use, and he turned into a man who could not live without his woman. Kaysar turned me into mush over his love for her. 

 "My affections are yours, Chantel. I will see to your every need and slay your every dragon."

Gena Showalter excels in writing witty female characters who have tonnes of character - just one of the many reasons why I will read anything she chooses to write. I know it will include amazing writing, witty characters (and an unhinged psychopath if we're lucky) and a plot I'm bound to love. Heartless was a brilliant read - from the main character to Cookie's sixty-two-year-old roommate and Jareth, the ex-lover of Cookie's heart donor and I am already bouncing on my seat impatiently for Ruthless!


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