ARC Book Review: From the Grave by Kresley Cole

From the Grave
Arcana Chronicles #6
Author: Kresley Cole
Reading Level: Young Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Released: 04/18/2023
Review Source: ARC provided by author

When even the gods hold their breath . . .

To defeat the Emperor and Fortune, Evie, the great Empress of Arcana, must repair her bond with Death, despite the earth-shattering developments between them.

And danger lurks in every shadow . . .

Their allies—a sea witch, a band of roving warriors, and more than a couple of rogues—overcome terrifying obstacles to help them. But when Jack makes a shocking discovery, the fallout threatens to tear their alliance apart.

One girl could deliver salvation—or doom.

If the Empress and her friends can remain united, will their powers be enough to defeat a catastrophic curse on the world, or will hellfire reign forever? The end looms for us all until the best hand wins. . . .

I want to preface this review by saying the Arcana Chronicles has been in my life for 10 years. Throughout that time I've grown up, gotten married, had two kids and a pup. My son is named after Jackson specifically from this series. This series was one of the main instigators in my life to begin writing my own books. So to say I'm ready for From the Grave is an understatement, and I'm incredibly grateful to have received an ARC of this book. 

From the Grave gave us some of the most heart-warming moments of the series. We witnessed a group of teenagers grow up and live their lives through an apocalyptic war within the Arcana, and alliances they made with each other flourished. The best friendships were made and it was a pleasure reading this journey of discovery, romance, action and loss. From the Grave melted my heart, broke it, then pieced it back together again. This long awaited conclusion settled my soul. 

This instalment continued where The Dark Calling left off. The Emperor and Fortune are destructive and dangerous - with no regard to anyone else as they have tunnel vision on winning the game and taking out Evie and Aric, as well as the other remaining cards. Not much can be said without spoilers, but trust in Kresley Cole - she smashed this. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so happy yet heartbroken over a book before, or cried so much after I’ve finished reading it. 

From the Grave concluded everything so wonderfully. It was an ending I wasn't expecting but definitely needed. We've been submerged in the world of Evie, Jack, Alice and friends for so long that I've got a lot of emotion now the series is over. I'm crying as I'm writing this because Kresley has done it again - she has my whole heart with the Arcana Chronicles. I'll never forget this series - ever.

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  1. I am SO excited for this one! The wait has been TOO looooooong! I'm just happy that it's about to exist! I had to pass on the ARC opportunity myself as I did not have the time when it was offered, but I'm hoping to read it shortly after it comes in the mail! My problem is needing a recap of the series up to date as it's been eons since I read the last one.

    Glad to hear it was an enjoyable read! I remember my feelings over the series were all over the place! Mostly positive of course, and then there was the love triangle! I have a feeling I know what might happen, just from my vague recollections of everything. Looking forward to finding out!

    Very nice review! <3


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