ARC Book Review: The Wrath by Gena Showalter

The Wrath
Rise of the Warlords #4
Author: Gena Showalter
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Released: 02/06/2024
Review Source: Author provided

New York Times bestselling author Gena Showalter returns with a new book in the tantalizing Rise of the Warlords series, featuring a brutal Hell king and the irresistible beauty who upends his world.

For centuries, Rathbone the Only, King of Agonies, has existed for one recovering the enchanted bones of his slain wife to bring her back to life. He’s never been closer to success. But a new enemy has risen. A band of deadly war gods who have thirty days to destroy her or suffer the consequences. With time running out, Rathbone hires a maddening harpy-oracle, unaware she has an agenda of her own.

Neeka the Unwanted is a fierce warrior on a stop Rathbone and the gods. She’s seen the future if either is victorious, and it’s horrifying. She’ll do whatever proves necessary to forge a new path, even seduce the ruthless royal from his purpose. What she can’t predict? How the intense male will shatter her hard-won defenses along the way.

As Rathbone battles unexpected betrayals, cunning foes and the wild temptress he craves with every fiber of his being, he knows he must hold on to a cold dream or embrace a new flame.

Having been here since the very beginning starting with The Darkest Night, The Wrath was like catching up with dear friends - nostalgic in the best way, but also full of surprises and the witty humour you come to expect with Gena Showalter. Gena, in my opinion, writes some of the best characters and banter I’ve ever read, and I was SO excited for Neeka and Rathbone’s HEA.

Neeka and Rathbone come together to form an unlikely alliance when Rathbone hires her to help him bring his wife back, but Neeka has her own agenda…

The harpies have always been a favourite of mine in this world - they are unmatched with their fierceness and wittiness. The top layer of Neeka is full of madness, all bark and all bite, and the biggest wall around herself. She shrugs off the Neeka The Unwanted title but my heart hurt for her on occasions. And when she got possessive? Absolutely YES. Always. There’s something next level when the female character is “touch him and die”.

The romance was 10/10 - they kept us waiting for the kiss with a slow burning romance. There were moments where Rathbone was boneheaded and thoughtless (unintentionally, but what can you expect from an adopted child of Hades) but it was made up with some well-written groveling.

Anyways - I loved this book. Everything from the main character’s romance, to Neeka and Taliyah’s solid friendship and everything else. I loved that it wasn’t just a romance between two characters - there were insights to so many other elements and I think that’s why these books never get stale or boring. The Wrath was well-rounded, well-written, hilarious with kickass characters.

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