Book Tour Policy


ARC Book Tours: 
This is when a book or ARC (advance reader copy) is sent around from blogger to blogger so that it can be read and reviewed. This is very beneficial for blogger and author/publisher alike. 

How can you join a tour?:
You will have to live in the US and have your own blog or goodreads account. You will have to read the book in the time allowed. Then once you have finished reading the book, you will provide a review on your blog or goodreads account.

Rules or Requirements:
  • You must have a blog or goodreads account.
  • Books are ONLY to be mailed to those in the participating tour. I will provide each person with who they will mail the book to next.
  • You MUST use Delivery Confirmation when you mail the book. Using this service will help keep track of the book. 
  • You must be frequent in your postings on your blog or goodreads.
  • You must contact me when you receive the book and also when you mail the book with the DC number in the email. 
  • You have 7 days to read the book then you must mail it to the next person.
  • You will email me the link to your review for the book in a within a period of two weeks, so that I can add the link to your review on the tour page.
  • You can use Media Mail for low rate.
  • You must protect the book when mailing it and also when you are reading it. Treat it like if it was your own. No dog ears and no smoking around the book. 
  • Register for tour participation by filling out the FORM
  • To sign up for a tour, you will need to comment under the book you are interested in. I will then email you if you are accepted. 
  • You can always check for what books I have available by clicking on Features then Book Tours then you scroll thru the tours. 
  • Tours that are OPEN will say OPEN in the title of the post. Once the tour is full, It will say CLOSED.
  • You must reference OUaT as your review source or post the OUaT Book Tour button in your review.  
Participation Form
*NOTE: You only have to fill in the form once, not every single tour you want to sign up for.


If you change your mind about reading? Well then you must email me with time and let me know. If the book is already on the way to you, you will have to still mail it out and use DC to the next person. 

I didn't have time to finish reading the book? You will still need to mail in 7 days and provide a review or you will get a strike against you for future tours. If you provide a decent review even though you weren't able to finish the book, no strike will be given.

If you have a book that you would like to donate to use for a book tour... Wonderful, send me a email with the details. I will mentioned who provided the book in the tour. If you are a Author or Publisher and would like to set up different post, that can be done as well. Just contact me about the details. 

Contact: Yara Santos

Book Blog Tours:
At this time we are not taking any new blog tours. If we have worked with you in the past, please contact Yara to see about possibly setting up a blog tour. Once Upon a Twilight does participate in blog tour shouted by others, just email us with all the blog tour information and we will check to see if we can fit it in our schedules. As far as us hosting a blog tour, at this time we are a bit swamped with life, work and the blog. SO we feel we won't be able to dedicate the time needed on running a blog tour. When we have steeled down once again, I will update this page saying we are now taking on new blog tours. Thank you! 


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  2. Thanks so much for this great opportunity! :)


  3. Just filled out the form. Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Yay! Thanks for giving us the chance! :D I'm so excited! First one!

  5. Ah darn US online. I so wanted to host this.


  6. Hi I would be interested in participating.


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