Reading Nook of the Week

Hi everyone! So here at Once upon a twilight we have been brain storming and coming up with ideas for meme's. So Reading Nook of the week was invented. This will be a meme were every week a different blogger or Author or really anyone can show us the special sitting area where you just love to do all your reading. 

We will start this meme in the next few weeks after the holidays pass, it will be featured on Fridays on the blog. We already have a few entries and would love more, if you would like to be featured just send me a EMAIL

I can't wait to start showing you those special reading areas.


  1. Very Cool. I will have to take a picture of my beach chair and stuff the next time I go to the beach. The beach is my favorite spot to read. Sand between the toes is very therapeutic.

    Great idea!!

  2. Nice, I would love to participate ;)
    sending an email.


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