Book Review: A little harmless sex"

A Little Harmless Sex by Melissa Schroeder
My Stars: 2

This was my 1st time reading a book by this author. Her writing in this book was real easy and fast to read. This Story seemed short,but I will be honest, I grew bored towards the end. I Stop reading it before I finished.

The Story is based on best friends, Anna and Max, they have none each other for a long time. They finally end up getting together one night and Max wanted it to become more than just sex and Anna has commitment issues, so she acts like she does not. That's basically the whole plot or storyline of the book. Its a lot of sex, which the author does a great job of detailing but there is no story to back it up. SO in I gave it 2 stars only.

So do I recommend this story, only if you like to read Smut and really need anything else.

Hope you enjoy my review and as always leave me a comment! MWAH!


  1. hhhmm... well it sounded interesting from the overview.. but we have the same taste in these kind of books so if you didn't like it much I'm not sure I will either. I'm anxiously waiting Lover Mine!!! =)

  2. Hi.
    You entered my book giveaway for JUMPER:GRIFFIN'S
    STORY. You didn't leave a way to contact you. I can't find an email for you. The contact link in your profile didn't work when I clicked it. Please come back and leave contact info.

    Now, that being said, I love your site! I'm following you now. I love Twilight and all things related too!



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