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How to Train your Dragon (2010)

Now here goes my 1st movie review.
Went Saturday morning to see this movie with The hubby and my boys (ages 8 and 3). We all had a great time watching it. The movie has a lot of humor in it. All four of us were laughing thru out the movie. The cartoons are done real nice and the voices go great with each character. I truly recommend to go see this with the family or even just with you partner, it that good.

Walmart already is selling merchandise for this movie if you have little ones that are fans, I had to get my to boys already t-shirts of their favorite dragon Night Fury. He is the dragon you will get to know. We did not see it in 3-D, we tend to get dizzy when we see 3-D movies, so its just not something we prefer to do anymore. Avatar was the last movie we saw in 3-D and half way thru i had to take off the glasses and so did my boys.

SO if you are on Spring break go ahead and take your little ones to go see it!

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  1. Sounds fun! I wanted to see it, but Kayle for some reason doesn't want to.. she says she doesn't like dragons! O_O so I might go with Noah and see if he'll stay still during the movie.


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