Cast I have Met

Ok so my list of cast that i have met has grown and i think finally in June it will be complete. I have met and taken pictures with Taylor, Peter, Alex, Jackson, Kellan, Chaske, Daniel, and Kiowa. Ive seen very close to me even more. My one biggest goal is to meet and take a picture with Stephenie Meyer herself, that would be just truly a blessing to me. Im hoping and crossing all my fingers and toes come June i get the chance. I know once I see her I will be a mess, and start to bawl my eyes out. If meeting Taylor was that emotional for me I can only imagine SM will be tripled.

In April will also be taking picture with 2 Volturi's.:Charlie Bewley, Christopher Heyerdahl. and once again of course with Peter , I have to take my mom to meet him and take picture with him. Im excited about that. My mom will get a little taste of what we all enjoy doing with our fave cast.

I guess thats all for today!,lol


  1. well you have met way more than me!! but I've met Stephenie before and she's wonderful!! oh.. and Rob too *swoon*

  2. I love that you have met so many of the cast members! How do you find the time??

  3. The time is because I have a very patient Hubby,lol


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