Vampire baseball

Ok so where do I begin.

Ok the game was the Saints vs the sinners, Our guys were the sinners of course and the local NOLA ppl and Saints players were Saints. They were all seated in the dugout that i had front row seats until after the introduction then they moved the sinners to the other side, that bummed me out a bit. At least though before that they were out and about and signed stuff for free, Im so glad that that i decided to purchase a baseball and tshirt, when i notice they were signing stuff with no problems, i was like Oh crap I dont have a pen. but luckily they would lend me one and they signed. I was able to get Chaske and Alex at the same time and after the game I GOT Nelson. I wanted Daniel so much, but wasn't able to get it.

The game was sooo entertaining, they are all jokesters. My freakin camera was low on battery since I didn't find the charger before I LEFT TX, so I couldn't even get video. The game started with Alex using 2 bats to bat, the was great, Alex also kept dancing/yoga moves for us, That was HAWT!!! He also pitched and while pitching he would bust a move. Chaske was great too. Daniel poor thing was tired but did really good. The end of the game was a tie so they were doing a dance off, ALex of course took center stage, He is soooo goood. Nelson played really well, surprised me. He was soo sweet when i ask him to sign my ball at the end. He kept waving to you if you called his name.

After the game came photos ops, that was long wait but always worth it. I took pics with Chaske and Daniel. I skipped the lines a few times, Sorry . Well once you went in , it was great because Alex and Chaske were together so you got to see them both , which was Awesome, poor Chaske was falling asleep and singing to himself, more girls were taking Alex pictures then Chaske, when its my turn the girl is like what are you doing, I said Im taking a pic with sleeping beauty,lol. he goes Oh yeah my turn. SO then he gets up and comes over to me and he says I hope you dint mind that im going to lean on you, um like of course not. now i become all nervous and quiet., Alex even says Hi to me and I just say Hi back,lol. Ugh im such a dork, i need to learn to get more out of my box. well then now i move on to Daniel room, and that was great too, with him i could have stayed there chatting and of course i get nervous again and freak out,lol. I take my pic with him , poor thing squatted down so he could be shorter for me,lol. I then go Yey Colossal,lol what a dork again I repeat. well then i exit and tell him thank you and he says oh no thank you. and i panic again and just smile. SO then im waiting for my friends to finish their pics and Daniel comes out of his room and is just hanging out and again im just a mute cause i forget to use my tongue. Gah why cant i have Balls sometimes. Thats pretty much a summary of the game. Its sooo worth it, I hope next year they do another rone near me again.

Oh and Jeremiah from TNR found me and came and hung out for a bit with me too, they were playing later that night.

Well I hope this was enjoyable to read, sorry about my grammar. Wish you all could have been there with me.

and I think I am on Team Daniel now, at least he closer in age to me,lol.

All my pics are on my facebook to enjoy


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