My Eclipse Experience


How do I begin, This past week was so memorable. This will be a story I tell my Grandkids.

As detailed as I would like to get, I really don't think I can write 20,000 words.

I arrived Sun in LA and met with my roomies, we decided to go visit Santa Monica Pier. I was able to see the pacific ocean and touch the sand. We were there for a while then had to go check in to our hotel and get ready to meet for our Sunday night Twilightmoms dinner. We ate at a nice Italian restaurant. It was so great to be surround by so many moms. After dinner we decided to walk over to the Nokia plaza and see what was happening there. we realize their were people hanging out since Thurs (WOW). One of the CA TMs ask questions to the security there and we kept getting different stories, so what we did most of us was go to hotel and change and be ready. Turns out around 1am they finally did line us up instead of 6am. What a mad dash that was. We grab a great spot in line. All we were concern with was we have to stay under the 100. Luckily we did when the next day at 6am they finally sent us over to get out wristbands. We grab numbers #82-#100. I myself was #90. Now it was find out if we did need to stay and camp out, turns out we did. They announce they would be making checks and if you missed a few you would loose your wristband. So it was time to set up camp. I know you all have seen the pictures of what became known as "Tent City". The non-locals we ended up going to Walmart and getting the supplies needed. After that it was get comfy time.

On Monday our 1st official camp day, we were surround by so many Lakers fans, The Lakers were hosting their parade that day. The buses were right next to us.  Pretty much between Mon thur Weds it was just the Tent city camping out. During this period Vitamin Water passed out their Eclipse XXX water and Burger king passed out crowns and tents to those who didn't have any. Zone Bars also kept giving out different flavors to everyone. BK also did trivia to pass out the water bottles. We had no prob coming and going every time we needed the rest room and a bite to eat. Then when you were ready you could go in groups to shower at your hotel. Starbucks made a lot of the money that week. On Tues night they gave us a treat and played New Moon on the big Nokia screen that was in the plaza. This was super cool to watch with over 500+ Twi-Hards.

On Weds morning we had to pack up camp and move to the side of the plaza, so they could start to set up the section where the red carpet (black carpet really) would be hosted. So we all moved, by this time their was over 700+ fans. After the 500's those fans would be sitting in the bleachers. So finally as the day started to pass we started reading tweets from the stars that they would be stopping by Tent city to visit, so of course we all were very excited. Our 1st visitor was BooBoo. Then came Tinsel to visit. They were so great they took their time going to each and everyone of us and signing or taking pictures. The Twilightmoms on a stick were very popular for picture taking. So now we are just thrilled with our visit when we find out Peter will also be stopping by. Its turns out he brought more with him. Its turn out to be Peter, Julia, Jackson and Billy. The crowd went nuts. Peter also stop by the Alex lemonade stand which also had Bailee Madison there. I was able to get many pics and a signed CD from Billy of his new album. Then after they finally left after a few hours there, it was time for Charlie. What a funny guy he is, he decided to run up and down the line giving high five's. So now its late and I'm afraid of leaving and missing out on someone else. Its turns out while I was sleeping must of been about 4am, Kiowa stops by with his band. I was so exhausted I didnt go see him.

So now its Thurs, the Big Day. We all had to get up at 6am and pack up all of tent city. They allowed us time to go Shower , eat and anything else we might need. We had to be back in the Nokia plaza at 1pm for our group. So thats what we did. Around 2ish I think they line us up by numbers and then started taking us in to the barricades. We all made it to the front. Our spot in the barricades was at the end almost just before the stars go inside to the movie. In front of us we had different fansites and reporters. Lexicon and Twilightmoms and Twilight guy were in front of us. We were interview by a few people and many pictures were snapped. Then finally the 1st star(s) show up and its Tia and Tamara Mowry. Pretty much after that several started showing up. All sorts of stars, even people you wonder why they were their. Here are a few names: Alex Rodriguez, Lance Bass, Ruby Jerins, LaLA from Mtv, Briana Evigan, Jennie Garth, Marissa Miller, Matt Prokop, Metric, The Kardashians, Jennifer Love Hewitt are just some. Now we notice the line is running behind and that the movie will start late. Of course we hear that announcement when the 3 main event show up. The crowd went wild. The 1st Twilight Star was Sarah Clarke (Bella's Mom) she is so beautiful. They they all just start to turn the corner and head our way. I just want to pint out that all the stars are better looking in person. Imagine they look great on screen well in person times that by 100. The only one I wasn't feeling the hair, was Justin Chon. He colored Blond not sure if for a movie or what. Finally we see Stephenie Meyer, I start to choke up. In my head all I keep saying is I cant believe this is going to happen, I'm going to meet our queen finally. This is something I wanted more than meeting Rob or Taylor or anyone else. She is dress casual and looks great. She is so pretty in person, Her eyes are just so expressive. She takes her time with everyone. She finally reaches our group and Im in fully blown tears. She reaches me and Im a all choked up cant speak to her. She finally hugs me and says dont cry, and I just tell her I dont know how to explain what you mean to me. Then we take a picture. She then gets pulled to the reporters. SO Im just in awe of what has happened, but you have to react or you miss everything else. So im back on Red carpet  mode and more Twi-stars are at our group. Well all the sudden at one point we had over 6 or more together all at once. Here is a cool part, Peter and Melissa (screenwriter) decided to have a conversation right in front of me, Peter looks at her and tells her I have no idea how you will pull off Breaking dawn and she responds to him, what does she say I don't know because I was just in such a shocked place wishing I had a video recorder to be getting this exclusive. So how surreal is this we have in front of the Twilightmoms at one point Melissa, Peter, Dakota, Daniel, Alex, Tyson, Julia and I think more all at once. It was such a OMG moment. They stayed thier a few taking and joking with one another. So then Stephenie comes back to our group again. She greets all the stars around us and then ask us were did she leave off, I get a second picture with her and I even chat with her for a few. So now we see that they are starting to rush them inside since its now about 8pm and the movie was suppose to start around 730pm. Kellan didnt even have time to sign , he just walk by us saying hello. We didnt even see Ashley come by, only when she went to the bleacher area.

So now its the moment pretty much everyone has been waiting for. Robert is the first one we see turn the corner. he is dressed in a maroon suit. He Worked it, He look so Handsome. Im so glad I finally saw him in person. He won my heart over. He is so tall, he is on the lean side. He also smelled sooo goood, I remember to smell so i could tell my TMs in the east how good he smelled. I asked him for a picture of course and he said Sure. I place my hand on his back but the security tells me I cant touch him. The girls behind me are now driving me nuts with the pushing but i understand it. So he moves down the row and that was my moment with RPattz. So now its Kristen time. She is dressed in this White very detailed dress. Her back is out and she looks very beautiful. Her hair is up to showcase the back of the dress. He Eyes are so pretty. She was at our group when they pulled her and said she must go inside. I was not able to get a picture or signature from her. So then now its time for Taylor, this boy is so Sexy. You know he is young but you cant help but admire how good looking. He is dressed in a a charcoal suit with his signature skinny tie. I was not able to take a picture with him, but I did get his signature. He was now being rushed, the whole time he is giggling and its sooo cute. His lips and Robs also are so pink, I wonder if they have some kinda of lip gloss. Taylor Smile, those White teeth he has are just so memorizing. So that was my moment with the "Trinity".

So now Im freaking out because I was not able to pick up my movie ticket for Eclipse from the film festival but THANK GOD they started to pass out movie tickets to us in the barricades, so Thanks to Charlotte a fellow TM she was given 2 and gave me and Silvia one each. Now it was a mad dash inside. We had to turn in cell phones, cameras and even our posters. They gave us a tickets for our items and now to fins my seat. They passed out free popcorn inside the Eclipse Cup and free water as well. I finally sit down and the movie has already started, i think I only missed about 15-20 mins of it. The movie I will not give details, since tomorrow is the big day for everyone to see it. I will say, I was Ahhhh and ooooh the whole time, I was caught up in all the emotions and feelings. Robert and Taylor brought their A-game. The fight scene, the Tent scene, The leg hitch will not disappoint. David Slade made a masterpiece. Of course every second i could take my eyes away from movie I looked around to see the stars.

So now the movie ends and we all have to pick up our items we turn in, that was over a hour of waiting. Luckily while we waited in the hall, Some of the Stars were their. I was standing close to Billy, Daniel and a few more. I didnt go up to them since I didnt have my camera. I will say about 3 of us, did get to chat with Robert's father for over 20 mins or more. We chatted with him about Rob being a Bookoholic, we also chatted about his new movie Water for Elephants. I then mention that Rob should do SNL, Rob's dad thought it was a good idea and said he mentioned it to Rob. We even talked about how great Taylor was on SNL. Honestly I know more was said, but my mind was just in awe of how normal this man was treating us and just hanging out with us with no rush. SO now its time to go outside and I realize I cant get into the After party since I never made it to pick up my LAFF ticket at box office. Of course Im a little sad but after everything else that just transpire, Im grateful and very Overwhelmed. By the time I was done getting my items from theater, Rob has already left since he needed to be on the set of Water for Elephants by 5am. A few of my Friend took pictures from inside and I lived thru their pictures.

So this is pretty much my summary of the most amazing week I think I have had in a long time, it falls right under my Honeymoon n Hawaii. For all those that question is it worth it, ABSOLUTELY 100 MILLIONS TIMES YES. If you can its a trip you must make. So now you have 2 more chances before its reaches the end. I hope you enjoyed reading my adventure. I know many of you were following my every tweet and facebook post. To my TMs I miss you all so much already and Im so glad I was able to meet more of the TMs in person. What we have built because of Twilight and Stephenie Dreams are friendships that will last a lifetime.

Thank you Stephenie Meyer!

All my pictures can be seen on Facebook under Red Carpet albums Part 1 & 2.


  1. What an awesome experience Yara!! I got teary eye while I was reading the part when you met Stephenie. I'm so happy you got to go! =D

  2. What an amazing experience! Thank you for sharing it with us :)

  3. I am so glad that you got your dream! I loved reading your experience!

  4. I'm so jealous!!!! I've been keeping up with your tweets and I'm so excited that you got to meet Rob but I'm especially excited you got to meet Stephenie!! And I'm thrilled to hear that the tent scene and the leg hitch will live up to my expectations!

  5. That is so amazing! I am beyond words for you and this amazing experience! I can't wait till next year when I will get my chance to experience this!

    Thanks for bringing me with you, via Stick Me!!

  6. Loved reading your story, Yara. Thank you for sharing. I really hope to make the next one & have wonderful memories like you did! :)

  7. YAY Yara!!! I'm so happy and excited for you! Thank you SO much for taking Mini-Me along with you (and getting Peter to sign it) **thud**! It was so awesome to live this experience with you and the other TMs via Twitter and Facebook. It was almost like being there. I am already saving up money to go with all of you to the Breaking Dawn Premiere in November 2011. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  8. OMGosh!! What a wonderful write up of an amazing experience!! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. :]

  9. Oh Yara, I LOVE THIS!!!!!! What a great recap of your week. I could feel everything you were describing and it brought me right back to last Nov. I hope our group can all do it together for one of the BD movies :)


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