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Welcome to back to the BEST I'VE READ 2010! BIR2010 will run from December 6th through December 14th. This will be a annual event and this year its compromised of 9 blogs. Each day each blog will have multiple post and giveaways happening each day until its over. Then on the last day there will also be a Grand Prize Giveaway on the BIR2010 Blog.

Now I bring you such a awesome book and you know why? Because the main character has my name. Seriously Intrinsical is one of my top favorites this year. Intrinsical is written by Lani Woodland. Lani took time out from writing the sequel to Intrinsical to provide us with a great character interview and Lani has given a wonderful chance to have your name in the sequel to Intrinsical. Enjoy!

Yara Silva's Interview:
  • Once Upon: So Yara, tell us how you really feel about being a Waker?
It would be a lie to say I’m thrilled about it but I’m okay with it now. I’ve realized that it’s part of me. Like having a nose you hate when you’re little and then grown into as you get older.
  • Once Upon: Where do you and Cherie love to hang out and why?
We like to hang out at the Dos Lagos shopping center in Corona. They have lots of cool shops and some great places to eat. There’s a movie theater and an
open-air auditorium where bands play on the weekends. Sometime they have some good jazz bands there too. There is a pretty lake with a cool bamboo-covered walkway. If we’re not there we usually go to the Crossings and people watch by the big fountain while sipping smoothies. LA and San Diego are fun to visit too but we’d rather spend our money on food, clothes and movies than gas.
  • Once Upon: Can you describe to us how the Orange Groves are? 
The groves are awesome. I got to know them really well last year. They are really
pretty, and a good place to be alone. When you’re inside, you can only hear your feet crunching the leaves as you tread, and the songs of the birds. It’s really peaceful. Unfortunately, spiders love it too and you have to watch out for them. After everything that happened last year I still love to visit them. It centers me, for lack of a better word and I love spending time there. My mom told me there used to be a lot more of them around Corona but all the development has knocked most of them down. I know some of them were destroyed in a fire a long time ago too. Fire season in California is pretty scary sometimes.
  • Once Upon: Do you ever plan on visiting Brazil again?
Yes, I’m spending the summer with my parents and grandma in Brazil. I’m really excited that I get to spend time there with my family.
  • Once Upon: Do you feel its easier now for you to talk with the Ghost? Easier?
Yes, it is easier but it’s still not something I enjoy doing. Sometimes it still freaks me out.
  • Once Upon: If you had a choice to go to any school which one would you pick?
Well I’m looking at colleges right now and my life plan of being a journalist and going to Columbia has recently shifted. So my choice of school is up in the air.
  • Once Upon: Tell us Yara what your favorite 3 books are?
The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong. I have sympathy for Chloe How to Take the Ex out of Ex-boyfriend by Janette Rallison. Sometimes I just love a good laugh. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and I really loved the modern retelling Jane by April Linder

Yara Silva Trilogy #1
Author: Lani Woodland
Released: August 17th 2010
Publisher: Pendrell Publishing

Summary: Sixteen-year-old Yara Silva has always known that ghosts walk alongside the living. Her grandma, like the other females in her family, is a Waker, someone who can see and communicate with ghosts. Yara grew up watching her grandmother taunted and scorned for this unusual ability and doesn't want that to be her future. She has been dreading the day when she too would see ghosts, and is relieved that the usually dominant Waker gene seems to have skipped her, letting her live a normal teenage life. However, all that changes for Yara on her first day at her elite boarding school when she discovers the gene was only lying dormant. She witnesses a dark mist attack Brent, a handsome fellow student, and rushes to his rescue. Her act of heroism draws the mist's attention, and the dark spirit begins stalking her. Yara finds herself entrenched in a sixty-year-old curse that haunts the school, threatening not only her life, but the lives of her closest friends as well. Yara soon realizes that the past she was trying to put behind her isn't going to go quietly.

So just in case you didn't understand the giveaway. Lani is giving away the chance for your name (either First, Middle or Last name) to be in the sequel to Intrinsical. That's very cool right?

To Enter:
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  • Fill out the FORM
  • Giveaway is International
  • We ask that you help spread the word of course
  • Stop by all the blogs in this event. 


  1. What a fabulous interview and super cool giveaway! I haven’t read this one, but hopefully soon.

  2. Hi, Yara! It was wonderful to learn a little bit more about you, and thank you Once Upon a Twilight for hosting the interview. :-)

  3. Well the interview is from Yara in the book not me in the real life. Its just cool that I found a book with my name in it.

  4. Thanks for the interview...This book sounds SOOOO good....

  5. Fun interview! Nice to meet you, Yara. I already knew a little bit about you, as I read Intrinsical. I'm in love with your sort-of boyfriend, Brent. Watch out! : )

  6. Such a great contest and the book sounds amazing. I can't wait to read it!

  7. Boarding school + ghosts = I really should read.

  8. I was dying to meet you, Yara. You are so unique and charismatic... XD Hope to see you soon enough!
    Intrinsical has been in my top 5 reads of the year

  9. awesome giveaway! Thank you for the awesome opportunity!

  10. Mary D

    Terrific interview! I've not heard of this book much before reading your post, yet here is another one for the ol' TBR list lol

    ps - Yara sounds like such a fun person! Must be awesome to be a *Waker*! ;D

  11. I am dying to get my hands on this!!!


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