Emmy's Song Book Review

Emmy's Song
The Maldito Series #1
Author: Christy Trujillo
Pages: ebook
Reading Level: YA
Published: October 1st 2009

This book hit straight home. I love that it has Hispanic culture in it and that it has FLORIDA cities involved! I myself am from Miami and hearing the book name that city filled my heart with joy. The author did an amazing job captivating the food, culture and family love in a Hispanic family. I love every part of that! Another favorite, all the songs she mentioned in the book! WOW. I know of a couple songs, but the ones I did not know I quickly looked up and enjoyed listening to them. It felt as if I was apart of the book while reading it. It was such an amazing way to share the story with the songs. I enjoyed this book entirely and read it as well as the second installment in 1 day! 
Emmy has everything at the palm of her hands. She has two best friends that took her under their wing when she transferred to a new school in the middle of junior year. She has been given the opportunity of a life time, to sing a solo at a concert in school and impresses the recruiter from Berkley. Berkley is the school of her dreams. But all goes down south when a new boy comes to town. She has this amazing connection with him and does not know why. When one of her best friends is unexpectedly killed, she hears the entire truth from the new boy and why he is in their town. 
That’s about all I will share with you, trust me you will love this book and be unable to put it down from the moment you start.

Synopsis: Life is good for eighteen-year-old Emellia Ortega! Not many teenagers can say that, but Emmy isn't your average teenager. On the fast track to making her dreams come true, she has her sights set on a scholarship to Berklee College of Music and nothing can stop her. Nothing, that is, except Cale Cruz. 

With perfect pitch and unbelievable good looks, he quickly weaves his way into the hearts of everyone around him. Drawn to him with an intensity she cannot explain, Emmy soon finds out that Cale has a secret. He is Maldito, half-human, half-vampire and has returned to seek revenge on the vampires that slaughtered his family. Thrust deep into a world she never knew existed, Emmy will risk everything she has worked for to join Cale in his fight as tragedy slowly tears her perfect world apart.

When a link between their past is discovered, fate's perfect plan begins to spin a web around them stronger than anyone could have imagined. Together they tackle impossible situations, fight impossible battles, and embark on an impossible journey that will change both of their lives. But when love is stronger than death, anything is possible 

"Bienaventurados los malditos porque son los únicos que pueden salvarnos." Blessed are the cursed for they are the only ones who can save us.

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