Seducing the Vampire Book Review

Seducing the Vampire
Author: Michele Hauf
Pages: 384 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Release Date: January 1st 2011
Publisher: Harlequin

The part that I loved most about this captivating book is how the author managed to tell the story in between the past and the present. It begins with the past in 1785 in Paris, France. The future is in Paris, France as well but it’s the 21 century. All the questions that are raised throughout the present are answered with the past and vice-versa. The historical aspect and love story are exhilarating. I read this entire book in one day as I could not put it down. I was glued from the moment I started to the end. 
The story is about Viviane who is a blood born vampire whose patron is killed in an accident. Viviane is an independent vampire, who has been patron by Henri who has given her the freedom she loves. A patron is a male vampire who supplies blood to female vampires in order to live. It is said that this might have been another way of controlling female vampires. Well Viviane is without a patron and has caught the eye of the Lord Salignac. He’s handsome, wealthy and also a blood born vampire. He wants Viviane and will stop at nothing to have her, even if his brother Rhys steps in his way. Rhys is a half vampire and half werewolf and is unable to patron Viviane because of the “unknown”. It gets hot and steamy with Rhys and Viviane is falling in love with him but she must make a choice as her vampire need blood and Rhys is unable to give it to her. Viviane needs to choose who she will stay with. Would she choose to stay with Rhys, her first true love, which will grant her freedom? Or will she go with Lord Salignac who can patron her but has his own agendas? You’ll need to read to find out. I recommend this book to adults only!

Synopsis: He was mesmerizing, a vampire like none other...but the fire between Viviane LaMourette and Rhys Hawkes would begin a centuries-long clash between two powerful vampire brothers. 

In Marie Antoinette's Paris, the beautiful vampire Viviane seeks a male patron who will allow her to live on her own terms. Courted by two feuding brothers, Viviane succumb to the handsome rebel, Rhys. She's unaware that Rhys has other, darker, motives. He seeks vengeance against his brother, Constantine—by stealing Viviane and tainting her with his blood. 

But just as Rhys is realizing the depth of his love for Viviane, his brother take his revenge. By casting a spell on the woman they both desire, he condemns her to a living death inside a glass coffin. 

Two centuries later, Rhys hears the urban legend of the Vampire Snow White, imprisoned deep in the tunnels under Paris. He must find her and set her free, but will he be able to save her from the evil still intent on destroying them?


  1. I can't wait to start this one. I have yet to be disappointed by Michele Hauf and this sounds like another really good one. Great review!

    Stephanie G
    Paranormal Haven

  2. This book sounds really good, i will havt to get it:)


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