Relatively Famous Book Review

Relatively Famous
Author: Jessica Park
Pages: 284 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: July 28th 2010

This book was interesting. By far the first story I have read that could be true if it’s not already. I was a little irritated thought with Leila the mother of Danielle and how she kept the secret of the true identity of her father. In my opinion, I felt that it was a decision that was not hers to make and should have thought about her daughter first instead of the father. But I can understand the reason behind it, although I did not agree. The way that Sam, Danielle’s best friend went behind her back and told the tabloids the truth, I thought was beyond betrayal. I would have not spoken to this girl if this was done to me. I do not understand the reason behind it, when Sam could have just spoken to Danielle and told her the truth. Everything else in the story was great! I was especially surprised at all the new girl friends that Danielle made in LA and how nice and welcoming they were. I truly enjoyed that part. At first I was highly pissed at the father, Mark. But after I continued reading the story I grow to love his character. Olivia is a character that I loved from the very beginning. She’s energetic and does not take crap from anyone. Overall, like I said in the beginning the story was interesting and did keep me reading chapter after chapter wanting to know what happened next. With the few exceptions, I will highly recommend this book to everyone!

Summary: High school freshman Dani McKinley's world is rocked when she finds out that she is the daughter of B-list actor and notorious womanizer Mark Ocean. Mark is all too eager to get his acting career back on track, so he follows his agent's advice about cleaning up his image and invites his "new" daughter to spend the summer with him. Armed with credit cards, club memberships, and a new wardrobe, Dani spends the summer navigating the foreign culture of Hollywood. Her new friends school Dani in everything from attaching hair extensions to managing the paparazzi. She meets Jason, a gorgeous young personal trainer who is easy on the eyes and wildly flirtatious . . . But is this smug hottie the one for Dani? Or will she ignore her friends' eye rolling and go for Nate, the goofy but sweet surfer? Even tougher than all the new social pressures, is the challenge of trying to deal with her father. What Mark Ocean has in wealth, he sorely lacks in parenting skills. The fatherly interest Mark feigns has everything to do with charming the public and virtually nothing to do with connecting with his daughter. Dani desperately tries to teach her father that being a dad is not just about supplying her with Prada bags and trips to movie premieres, and the result of the clueless actor's attempts at fatherhood is both funny and heart-wrenching. Follow Dani and Mark while they struggle to figure out what it means to be father and daughter, and as they navigate their own complicated love lives. Humor, tears, heartache, and teen angst will leave you aching to see how their dilemmas are resolved.

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