Facebook "LIKE" page for the blog

Facebook "LIKE" Page

Hi everyone! Yesterday with the help from Dee from Good Choice Reading Blog she help me create a new "LIKE" page for Facebook for the blog. So of course to help everyone switch over, I will hold a contest. The reason I created the new Facebook page was because until now I have been using my personal Facebook page and honestly I just couldn't keep up anymore with everyone status. I was missing important picture uploads from family and some of my family and friends said all my blog posting was overwhelming their Facebook. So here we are and I hope everyone can make the easy transition over. Are you ready for what I will be giveaway? 

So do you like? I think you do.

The contest is simple, I will pick 2 winners once the Facebook "LIKE" page reaches 500 Likes. Oh did I mentioned both books will be signed by the Authors. So once our page hits 500 I will pick one winner for Andrea Cremer's Nightshade and one winner for Beth Revis's Across the Universe. All you have to do to be entered is Like our page. So click the link below and you are all set. Remember 500 Likes is all it takes. 


  1. I "like" you, a lot! :) I really want to read Nightshade, and already read AtU! Thanks so much.

  2. Yeah, I also put ya on my blog too... I know I don't have much traffic but you all are awesome and I wanna share :)

  3. Liked! Good luck on your followers! :]

  4. Very cool giveaway and even more so rockin' books!!=)

    I already LIKE but I would do it again in a flash!!

  5. I've been meaning to write up a post about whether a FB page for the blog is worth it. I think you made some valid points though. My blog updates are through networked blogs though, so does that show up for them if they don't follow by networked blogs. I think it does, actually. I have an aunt that comments every time she sees me that I sure read a lot. Yeah, she must be seeing the networked blogs update. Sorry, just thinking aloud.
    Anyway, great contest! I'll go 'like' you now!

  6. Did it, but wanted to let you know that your link in the post works, but the link embedded in the graphic in the left sidebar does NOT.


    jhsmail at comcast dot net


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