Reading Nook of the Week: Aik at The Bookaholics

Reading Nook of the week presents today Aik from The Bookaholics Blog. The Bookaholics is a blog for people who love to read. Its run by Aik and Koey, they are cousins. They dedicate their blog to book lovers from all around the world. So hope you enjoy today's Nook:

Thanks for considering me! Below are some pictures.
I usually read on my bed, using a pillow to prop my back up so that it's more comfortable.
But of course, I wouldn't mind reading on this L-shaped sofa. (That is, if I have one.)

Aik that is one cool sofa. For those who haven't visited The Bookaholics, please stop on by and say Hello.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for featuring us! You rock! <3

    Best wishes from Aik & Koey @ The Bookaholics


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