Book Review: God and Sex

God and Sex
What the Bible really says
Author: Michael Coogan
Pages: 256 pgs
Reading Level: Adult (non-fiction)
Published: October 1st 2010
Review Source: Author

God and Sex basically explains the true meaning behind Sex from the Bible. It explains the way to "know" someone in a sexual level not only a personal level. The topics are anywhere in from Virginity and Adultery to Abortion and Divorce. I gave this book my 100 page test and decided it was not for me. It is an interesting book and can give you highlights on different topics if that's what you like. Overall, very interesting.

Summary: (from goodreads) For several decades, Michael Coogan's introductory course on the Old Testament has been a perennial favorite among students at Harvard University. In God and Sex, Coogan examines one of the most controversial aspects of the Hebrew Scripture: What the Old Testament really says about sex, and how contemporary understanding of those writings is frequently misunderstood or misrepresented. In the engaging and witty voice generations of students have appreciated, Coogan explores the language and social world of the Bible, showing how much innuendo and euphemism is at play, and illuminating the sexuality of biblical figures as well as God. By doing so, Coogan reveals the immense gap between popular use of Scripture and its original context. God and Sex is certain to provoke, entertain, and enlighten readers.

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