Cover Revealed: Gabriel's Inferno

Gabriel's Inferno
Reading Level: Adult
Release Date: March 8th 2011
Omnific Publishing

I really like the cover, the statue of the angel intrigues me. Is that Gabriel? well if it is look at those blue eyes. 

Summary: Professor Gabriel Emerson, a specialist in Dante and the art of seduction, believes he has already earned his exile to the lower circles of hell. Since redemption is impossible, there is no reason to refrain from indulging in a life of pleasurable sin, using his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm as a means to gratify his every whim. But when he meets Julia Mitchell, a brilliant, lovely, and innocent grad student with the achingly familiar eyes of an angel, all of his cynical convictions are challenged. Her mysterious allure and the havoc she wreaks on his self-satisfied existence cause him to lash out at her, while her quiet beauty and innate goodness consistently undermine his control, tempting him beyond measure. 

Despite surviving a traumatic childhood, nothing has shaken Julia’s faith that redemption is possible for everyone—everyone but her. Her unworthiness torments her, since the only man she will ever love has managed to forget her very existence, failing to even recognize her when they reconnect. Too naive to see that Gabriel’s hostility is a mask for his increasing obsession with her, Julia forces him to come to grips with his past while she continues to unwittingly torment his senses. His fascination grows into a dangerous preoccupation, for Julia is forbidden fruit . . . 

Will Gabriel survive the inferno, or will he succumb to the flames?


  1. This sounds like a good book!!!


  2. This is a beautiful cover...absolutely beautiful! And yeah, those blue eyes? Wow!

  3. Hey! I'm the graphic designer for Omnific, and I created the cover. Glad you like it!

    P.S.- yes, that is Gabriel :)


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