Book Review: The Scent of Jade

The Scent of Jade
Author: Dee DeTarsio
Pages: 148 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Published: October 5th 2010
Review Source: Author
Available: Amazon / Barnes & Noble /

Summary: (from goodreads) The Scent of Jade

From TV writer Dee DeTarsio, a new novel, The Scent of Jade. When an ancient jade relic that holds secrets to global warming ends up in the hands of a not-so-perfect heroine, she is thrust in a fish-out-of-water adventure, lost in the Costa Rican rainforest.

“Romancing The Stone” meets “Survivor” for Julie Fraser, who was minding her own business, living her life as snug as a bug in a rut in San Diego, California. As the least adventurous person she knows, Julie finally whooped it up one day to jet off and surprise her husband, who was on a business trip in Costa Rica. Reeling from the discovery that her husband wasn’t who she thought he was, she accidentally steals an ancient artifact and is chased through the wilds of the rainforest, not knowing where to turn, literally, or whom to trust. She knew she should have stayed home.

Can a monkey, a blond Juan, a foreign scientist, a mysterious ‘love potion’ and the jade stone itself (that may hold secrets to global warming), help Julie on her mission to find and forgive her husband?

The stolen idol catapults her on a quest, as she discovers truths along the way about herself and her place in the universe. The Scent of Jade is creative and unique with surprising twists--in turn suspenseful and heartbreaking, combining humor and romance to reach the payoff ending. Original characters keep the pages turning.

The Scent of Jade spins its story with wit and wisdom, drawing those who love mystery, suspense, romance and adventure. While there are no vampires, readers are invited to enjoy the intrigue...

The Scent of Jade was a fun and cute book.  When I started reading it, I have to admit that I was instantly pulled in.  I truly love the way Dee DeTarsio writes.  Her characters are funny and witty and really entertaining.  I have to admit that the monkey was my favorite character though. LOL.

Julie the “Potpourri Princess” decides to go to Costa Rica and surprise her husband who is there on a business trip.  Little does she know that she was in for the ride of her life. She will discover who her husband really is and in the process get shot at, talks to a monkey, gets arrested, meets a really hot Spanish guy and all to save the planet. Pretty funny huh?  The story is really cute.  I love the way the author keeps the pace up through out the whole book and throws in a few surprises.  Oh and did I mention I love that money?  LOL If you like a book that never loses a beat and will make you laugh, this is the book for you.  I totally recommend reading this book. Enjoy!

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