Once Upon a Signing: Rachel from Bookshelf Lust

Once Upon a Book Signing

Today we bring you Rachel from Bookshelf Lust blog and also she has a photography blog as well called The Greyest Ghost. Rachel has a great signing to share with us today. This author is one of my favorites. 

My story: Living in NYC, I'm able to attend a lot of amazing book signings. My very first signing here was a Stephanie Meyer appearance celebrating the release of New Moon, at a tiny local library back in 2006. While I'll never forget that day, my favorite "vampire author" book signing ever has got to be Charlaine Harris. 

About two years ago, I was lucky enough to see the original pilot episode of True Blood. Even though the show was only a shadow of what it would become, I fell in love with it. I immediately went out and purchased every Sookie Stackhouse book I could get my hands on, and devoured them in a matter of days. Fast forward a year, and I was over the moon to find out Charlaine was coming to New York on release day, to read and sign book #10, "Dead In the Family".

I knew Charlaine would be a huge draw, so I arrived two hours early. Under normal circumstances, one might get bored, but I met and socialized with some amazing fellow fans. People went all out for the occasion, wearing Merlotte's work shirts, shirts promoting their favorite character's "team", and even in some cases, fangs.

The wait soon passed, and Charlaine appeared on stage to read. Charlaine is like the sweet, Southern aunt you've always dreamed of having. But an aunt that also happens to make a few dirty jokes here and there. She's truly hilarious in person, and definitely an author not to be missed. When I spoke to her as she was signing my book, she was incredibly nice.  She told me she planned on writing at least thirteen Sookie books, something I'd been dying to know.

It's always fun to discover the people you admire are just amazing and entertaining in real life as the words that they put down on a page. I can't wait to find out what's next for both Charlaine, and Sookie! And I'm counting the days until Charlaine comes back for book #11 this May.

What a great signing, here at the blog we are real big fans of Charlaine and her series. Great pictures also, i can see your talent. Now everyone make sure to stop on by Rachel's blog, if you check out her photography blog, you will be treated with her celebrities pictures she has in her portfolio. 

If you would like for your book signing to be featured on the blog, then send me a EMAIL with 1-3 pictures and a blurb.  


  1. Gotta love the people who turned out in the Merlotte's shirts! Sam would be proud :)

  2. Thanks for sharing my story! The post looks so good!
    : )


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