We are chatting this evening with Killian McRae author of 12.21.12

We are so excited to announce that the last leg of the tour will be with a live chat with Killian McRae. So glad you could have joined us tonight and the whole month during the Book Tour. The chat will begin at 9 PM CST (7 PM PST). The chat will be for a full hour. 

Author: Killian McRae

  • To join in the chat, just click join and enter a screen name.
  • We will only be discussing Killian McRae's book
  • No personal questions will be posted
  • Please no rude or disrespectful comments allowed
  • We will publish as many questions as we can in a timely manner
  • This chat is private and may not be used in any way with out our permission
Thank you for joining us tonight!

1 comment:

  1. What a great chat! I look forward to more from both Killian and Once upon a Twilight.

    Thanks ladies!


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