Book Review: At the Sea Floor Cafe: Odd Ocean Critter Poems

At the Sea Floor Cafe: Odd Ocean Critter Poems
Author: Leslie Bulion
Illustrator: Leslie Evans
Pages: 48 pgs
Reading Level: Ages 8-12
Release Date: April 1st 2011
Review Source: Peachtree Publishers

What a great little book. The poems are very easy to understand and follow if you are a young reader. The author incorporates easy words with accurate meanings in the poems. What I thought was a added bonus  is that after you finish reading the poems, there is a description pertaining to the animals in the poem. You also have a glossary in the back which is very helpful. After the glossary you will see Poetry Notes, which gives you a small description of each poem type. The illustration are simple and very colorful, they will appeal to all ages.

I'll give you a example from one of the poems. It is about bottlenose dolphins and a small habit the females and daughter dolphins have learned to protect their beaks. The poem is a limerick which is 5-line poem that is funny.

Summary: (from goodreads) Let s visit a habitat shallow and deep,

and boiling hot, where acids seep,
and frigid and pressured and mountainy-steep,
Come explore the sea!

Examine odd critters, enormous and tiny,
sunlit reef toasty and arctic ice briny,
jelly-ish, delicate, venomy, spiny,
They all live in the sea!

What sea creature literally spills its guts when disturbed?
Why do bottlenose dolphins wear sponges on their heads?

Dive in to find the answers to these questions and along the way discover some of the incredible ways ocean creatures forage for food, capture prey, trick predators, and protect their young in this collection of witty poems and astonishing facts.

A glossary of scientific terms, notes on the poetic forms used, and resources for more information about ocean creatures are included at the back of the book. Stunning block prints by Leslie Evans enhance and enliven the colorful underwater tour.


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