Author Interview and Giveaway: Jamie Magee author of Insight

Hi everyone today we bring you a great interview with author Jamie Magee. He debut novel is called Insight and the follow up will be Embody. 

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Welcome Jamie!

OUaT: What inspired you to write Insight?

It was a simple craving for a love story – one that carried elements that intrigued me, soul mates, past lives, and the Zodiac. I’d never written anything before in my life and I can’t explain what drove me to start. Honestly, I assumed that I would grow board with idea and let it go, but the story kept growing in my mind, and suddenly I found myself consumed with these characters – the world they lived in. I cannot express how grateful I am to have had this wondering daydream flourish into something I could share with others.

OUaT: How long did it take you from start to end, to complete Insight?

Writing the story was simple. I believe I finished the first draft in less than three months. Everything after that point proved to be a challenge. I had to let other’s read the words I’d written, which is painful – all writers love the story they create, but the fear of rejection among your family and friends sometimes imprisons stories – and they never leave the desktop they were created on. After I passed that threshold I had to take in the feedback and decided what I felt I could change. I know I have a large cast of characters – but in the beginning there were more – and the names were different. I was blessed enough to have friends give me their honest opinion and read draft after draft – looking back I have no idea how they endured that! I began in January of 2009 and published in July of 2010.

OUaT: What was the hardest part to write about in Insight?

I have almost completed five novels and I would have to say that Insight was the easiest – it may have been that I felt I had nothing to lose, that at that time I was confident that no one ever read it.

After completing Insight and beginning the other books in the series I found myself struggling – I was more nervous about letting my friends read the next books in the series than I was the first – in a way I thought that completing a novel was a fluke. They assured me I was wrong and oddly, I was never asked to change the story line of Embody or the third book in the series (I’m still working on the forth!)

OUaT: What are your current projects?

I plan to release Embody, the second book in the Insight series on June 7th. I took a break from the Insight series and completed a different novel last month; at this time it hard for me to say if I will follow through with publishing it. If everything continues to flow correctly I should finish the forth book in the Insight series this month!

OUaT: What books have influenced you in your writing career or life?

Every book I’ve read influenced my writing – but the books that influenced my life would be: The Bible, The Secret, and The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need.

OUaT: When you were growing up as a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

You know what’s funny about this? I didn’t know – not a clue – I was too busy daydreaming silly little stories in my mind. I never once imagined the title of author would be with my name – I stand stunned before you all!

OUaT: What is your guilty pleasure?

WRITING! I know that sounds odd, but I have a very active family and career outside of this craft. Every moment I write – is stolen.

So, an ice cold Red Bull, headphones in, and an open word document is where I find both guilt and pleasure!

OUaT: Describe yourself in 5 words.

Ambitiously outgoing fun-loving daydreamer!

OUaT: If you could pick any book to live in, which one would you choose?

I don’t want to sound self centered but I would love to live in Chara – a dimension in Insight, where love is real, and every person is encouraged to chase their dreams!

OUaT: How can a reader contact you, or purchase your books?

You can find my books on Amazon and Barns & Noble – and everywhere books are sold!

My website is and I have a page on Face book where I love to interact with my readers my announcements and contest are always posted there first.

Thank you so much for having me here – it has been a pleasure!

Jamie Magee

Thank you Jamie for taking the time to answer our questions. Click HERE to read our review for Insight. Now for the bonus part for today. We are giving away a signed copy of Insight to one lucky follower. 

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  1. Great interview, she sounds lovely!

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    Thank you also for the chance to win!

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    I hope it's ok to enter, l read and and loved this book on my kindle and would love a signed PB version!

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