Author Interview and Giveaway: YA Fantasy Author Samantha Young

HI everyone today we bring you one of our favorite authors that we have reviewed on the blog. Samantha is the author of the series Tale of Lunarmorte. This series consists of 3 books: Moon Spell, River Cast and Blood Solstice. Samantha has other works that you can check out on her website or goodreads page.

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Welcome Samantha!

OUaT: Name a actor and an actress that look like the way you envisioned Caia and Lucien to look like.
A. Hmm I think for Caia I’m stuck between Amanda Seyfried and Dakota Fanning.  I’ve racked my brain for an actor who could play Lucien and there just doesn’t seem to be one who has all the right qualities… so I think a merging of two is in order – Alexander Skarsgard that plays Eric in True Blood meshed with Ian Somerhalder from the Vampire Diaries. Mmm Yum.
OUaT: If you could chose to be either a Magik or a Lykan, which one would you choose and why?
A. I think I’d be a magik. It would cater to that lazy side of me that can’t be bothered getting off my butt to get a glass of water from the kitchen. A flick of the wrist, thirst is quenched, no walking involved.
OUaT: Who is your favorite character from the series?
A. My favourite character from the series… hmm… that’s a toughie… I think I’m going to go with… Jaeden. Jaeden’s a little more complicated than Caia, she’s had a lot happen to her and she doesn’t always make the ‘right’ choices; it was fun to write a heroine with a little morale ambiguity.
OUaT: What country and city inspired you for the setting of the book?
A. The pack is supposed to be from this average mid-American town, to give the reader the impression that these supernaturals could be living in a town just like theirs.
I was inspired to make Paris the city of operations for the Daylights because it’s a beautiful city with its own ancient rich history giving it the longevity required for the Daylights base of operation. Plus I knew I wanted there to be a few scenes in Paris over the course of the series, and I know the city well enough to make it authentic.
OUaT: How long did it take you to write each book?
A. The first novel took a year because I was in my final year at University, so I was juggling full time studies. The second and third novel took another 9 months. Every time I write a novel the time it takes shortens… I think it’s just something that comes with growing as a writer.
OUaT: What are your current projects?
A.  Ooh I have some projects I’m really excited about. My novella, Drip Drop Teardrop, is due for release May 9th 2011; it’s a dark paranormal romance inspired by the song ‘Overload’ by the Cardigans. In June 2011, I’ll be releasing my YA Fantasy Romance, Slumber, a story based very loosely on the Sleeping Beauty Fairytale. And in late summer/fall 2011 I will be releasing my second trilogy, Warriors of Ankh – it’s urban fantasy with a dark female protagonist. In 2012 I’m returning to the world of Lunarmorte and will be releasing the Repercussions series – it follows characters from the Lunarmorte universe as they come to terms with the new world.
OUaT: When did you realize you wanted to become a writer?
A. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe J , that’s when I realised. I think I was seven or eight when I read it and I was so consumed by the magic of it, I just knew I wanted to write my own magical stories. I’m also always disappointed when I open a wardrobe. One day. One day…
OUaT: Can you describe your writing environment to us? 
A. My writing environment is literally my bedroom, my notebook and my laptop. I face a ton of amazing books on my bookshelf to stir the motivation and if they don’t help I have to take a walk with my mp3 player. I live in a pretty quiet village in Scotland, so it’s a soothing place to spur on the ideas. After that I rush back to my notebook and scribble everything I can remember that came to mind.
OUaT: Give us 3 good facts to know about you. Be creative.
A. I have an unhealthy addiction to The Vampire Diaries.
    When I was a teenager I saved up my pocket money (allowance) and decorated my bedroom so it looked like something out of a medieval castle. No joke. There were Gothic sconces and amber velvet and an apothecary table. I never do things in halves.
   I believe in Narnia.
OUaT: How can a reader contact you, or purchase your books?
A. A reader can get in contact with me by emailing me at or on twitter -!/SYoungSFAuthor ; or facebook!/samyoungscotland
Here’s a link on my blog with links to all the places you can purchase my books

Thank you to Samantha for taking time out to answer our questions today. Samantha was also very kind and has offered two of her books. She will be awarding 2 winners. You can either win a signed copy of Moon Spell: Part One in the Tale of Lunarmorte or you can win a signed copy of her upcoming novella Drip Drop Teardrop.

To Enter:
  • Fill out the FORM
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  3. Hi Samantha! Thank you so much for answering some of my questions. I have to agree with you, Alexander Skarsgard and Ian Somerhalder are YUMMY! LOL It's so funny you said Amanda Seyfried for Caia because that was the actress that I pictured while reading the books. LOL too funny! I also wanted to tell you that I truly enjoyed reading your books and I am super excited about your new projects. I cant wait to read them all!!

  4. Hey Ana!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the series so much, and I can't believe you thought of Amanda Seyfried too! That's cool.
    Thanks for hosting the giveaway ladies!

  5. That was a great interview. Thank you for coming and and telling us about your fabulous books!

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  10. The author is truly funny and amazing. I want to be a magik now too! LOL: In the "flick of a wrist, thirst is quenched, no walking involved."

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