Book Review: Drawing the Ocean

Drawing the Ocean
Author: Carolyn MacCullough
Pages: 176 pgs
Reading Level: YA
Published: October 3rd 2006
Review Source: PaperBackSwap
Available: Amazon / Borders

Summary: (from goodreads) A gifted painter, Sadie comes from California to Connecticut determined to fit in at her new school. Yet her first attempt at making friends in the new town backfires when she reaches out to the loner everyone calls Fryin' Ryan, the very last person who can help her achieve her dream. And to further complicate matters, her twin brother, Ollie, keeps appearing to her, seeming to want something. Her twin brother, who died when they were twelve.

This book has the 3 things all books should have, a compelling story, beautifully written words and wonderful characters. To begin the story feel real since Carolyn brings to life so much real details. All the characters matter in this book and go one with the other. The message in the book is Choice, making the right or wrong call and how it affects you afterwards. 

Story is centered around Sadie, she has been relocated to a new town. Like all kids in a new town you want to fit in your new school. Sadie is a very talented painter and goes down to the beach to paint the ocean. While she is there she tends to be visited by her twin brother who passed away 4 years ago. She begins to make friends at school and one friend in particular might not be the choice everyone expects from her. Fryin' Ryan is a outcast and well Sadie questions what is normal and if it should matter as far as choosing your friends. 

Im a now a fan of Carolyn and plan to read more of her novels. 

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