Book Review: The Summer of May (ARC)

The Summer of May (ARC)
Author: Cecilia Galante 
Pages: 288 pgs
Reading Level: MG
Release Date: April 26th 2011
Review Source: Simon & Schuster
Available: Amazon / Borders / Barnes & Noble

Summary: (from goodreads) The Summer of May is a moving new novel from the author of Willowood and Patron Saint of Butterflies, Cecilia Galante.

This is a great book for the younger reading audience I say between ages 10-13. Now its MG based but a adult like myself will enjoy it as well. It's definitely a good book to share or pass on to your daughter possibly. This book is a easy read and very cute. The characters are very easy to believe and are not at all complicated. The storyline centers around the main character but the other characters also play important part. This book message to me was about closure, coming to terms with yourself. This is that book that is safe to let your daughter or even son read and you don't have to worry about any inappropriate matters not for that young age.

May is a young troubled girl, she is 13 years old. She lives in not such a great part of town with her Father and Grandmother. May has to deal with her mother's departure and a grandmother who's barely living. Then she has her Father that picks at her when he is not working which is all the time. May's best friend is Olive and they have a good friendship. So May ends up having to attend summer school after being defiant to the teacher she can't stand at her school. May realizes she is not attending your normal summer school program and that that same teacher she can't stand has other plans for her that summer.  So would I recommend this book, Yes. The question is will your child like it since it doesn't have your typical girl/boy crushes or school teen drama. 


  1. Really interesting review - I like the sound of this one. Thanks!

  2. It's nice to find a MG book with a different theme. The Summer of May looks like a good choice for junior high school (it's what we call MG here in Canada).


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