Once Upon a Signing: Melina from Reading Vacation

Once Upon a Book Signing

Today we bring you probably our youngest blogger for this meme. But don't let her age fool you, she is a reading machine. Let's welcome Melina from Reading Vacation blog and see who she went to go see sort of. 

Since I read The Uglies series, I knew that I loved Scott Westerfeld’s work.  His writing is something else.  When I heard he was visiting a local library to celebrate his new book, Behemoth, I was thinking “I’m so there!”

So, I visited his web site and learned that Scott and I have a few VERY important things in common.  We are both Native Texans!  If you are from Texas, you will understand how HUGE this is.  And, neither one of us wears jeans – EVER.  He’s my kind of guy.

There was one problem.  Scott’s presentation and signing were scheduled for a Thursday evening.  A school night!  No-o-o-o!  After thinking it through, we decided that I would stay home and my dad would go in my place.  How sweet is he?  I was sad to miss out on the presentation, but happy to get my books signed.  My dad, well, he wasn’t thrilled about it.  He was sure it was going to be b-o-r-i-n-g since he hadn’t read any of the books and he wasn’t exactly the target audience.

I was already asleep when my dad got home from Scott’s presentation, but I got to hear all about it this morning before school.  My dad said the room fit around fifty people.  Aside from maybe three other men, Scott and my dad were the only guys there.  My dad was in the second row, sitting alone, with a camera, surrounded by teenage and young adult girls.  He was sure that Scott thought he was some sort of creepy stalkerish guy. 

Anyhow, my dad LOVED the presentation!  Scott explained the history of illustrations in novels.  Have you seenBehemoth?  If you haven’t, you REALLY need to get a copy.  This book has the most amazing drawings.  Seriously.  The color drawings inside the front and back covers are unbelievable.  My dad said Scott was a great speaker, very funny, and not the least bit boring. 

When it was time for the signing, my dad took up my copy of The Uglies to be personalized for me and a copy ofBehemoth to be signed for a giveaway (for YOU).  He asked Scott to smile for a picture and he explained “this is for my daughter.”  RIGHT Mr. Creepy Stalkerish Guy.  Luckily, The Uglies was personalized so at least it seemed like he was telling the truth.

I’m sorry I missed the presentation and meeting Scott in person.  But, it was totally worth it to hear my dad’s account of what went down and how he ended up being a Scott Westerfeld fan too.  Oh, and Scott, that wasn’t a creepy stalkerish guy, it was just my dad helping out his little girl.  = )

What a great Dad you got there Melina! Make sure to check out Melina's blog and say hello. Check out Melina's Hourglass giveaway on her blog HERE.

If you would like for your book signing to be featured on the blog, then send me a EMAIL with 1-3 pictures and a blurb. 

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