Book Review: Whirlwind

Author: Robin DeJarnett
Pages: 264 pgs
Reading Level: Adult
Published: December 19st 2010
Review Source: Omnific Publishing
Available: Omnific Publishing / Barnes & Noble

Summary: (from goodreads) Love at first sight is a myth to aspiring journalist Melissa Williams, but when she meets Jason McAlister at a friend’s wedding, a Cinderella-like fantasy turns her no-nonsense world upside down. She sees in his penetrating blue eyes not just an evening, but a lifetime together that includes much more than a glass slipper and a kiss. 

Realizing she shared a few salacious emails with Jason months ago, a humiliated Melissa loses herself in the crowd, thankful he doesn’t know who she is. But he does know—and with a gentle touch and a steamy kiss, he soon picks up their flirtation right where it left off. 

As midnight strikes, Melissa succumbs to Jason’s sexy pull, unaware that a woman’s body has been discovered in the wake of the party. When evidence points to Melissa as the killer’s next target, the lines between fantasy and reality blur. She goes into hiding, charmed by one mysterious man and hunted by another. 

Cinderella lost a shoe—Melissa could lose both her handsome prince and her life.

Robin DeJarnett did a wonderful job with this book.  She was able to incorporate romance with a murder mystery.  How great it that? I fell in love with all the characters especially Jason - what a hottie!!  He is every woman’s dream man.  He was romantic, caring and great in the sleeping bag. (You have to read the book to get that…just a little inside joke) LOL

Melissa, a shy and quiet college student soon to be a reporter on her way to Mitch, her best friend’s wedding, and ends up falling in love with his brother, Jason, the hottie. They had never met before, but had e-mailed each other a few times.  After the reception, someone is murdered and now Melissa thinks that he murderer is after her too.  I don’t to say much more, cause I don’t want to give too much up.  You just have to read it.  Overall the book was really good and I loved the chemistry between Melissa and Jason.  The only thing that bothered me and the reason why I’m not giving it a 5 is because of Melissa’s whining through out the whole book.  Although I understand now why she acted the way she did, it just got really annoying while reading and I felt like it got in the way of the love story.  Other than that, the book was REALLY good.  I totally recommend it!  Enjoy.


  1. Sounds like a fun read. Thanks for the review.

  2. I really enjoyed it too. Especially the hot tub scene... :D I'm looking forward to the sequel. More Jason for sure!!

  3. OMG, I didn't know there is going to be a sequel! I can't wait to get my fingers on that one. Thanks!!


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