Once Upon a Signing: Brenda Pandos author of Talisman Series

Once Upon a Book Signing

Today I'm happy to present to you Brenda Pandos, a great author and friend. She has written the series Talisman consisting of The Emerald Talisman, The Sapphire Talisman and coming soon The Onyx Talisman. So help me welcome her today and let's see which signing has left a mark on Brenda.
I have to come clean and admit, until this past year, I’d never attended a book signing for a fiction writer. Life before becoming an author was vastly different (and rather boring apparently) but Lisa Langsdale, my crit partner and friend, changed all of that for me. And frankly, I can’t believe I’ve been missing out all this time.

My most favorite (from the ones I can count on my hand) has to be Lisa Sanchez’s debut of The Eve of Samhain. At this event, not only did she entertain the group by reading some shmexy scenes from her book, I got to meet 3 other Northern California authors: Killian McRae (12.21.12), Kristin Miller (Dark Tide Rising), and Robin DeJarnett (Whirlwind). It was amazing to have dinner and visit, comparing stories, all having something awesome in common. Since then, these girls have become my friends and we’ve mutually helped each other out in so many ways. 

So this signing was memorable because it became a stepping stone to so much more than just one meeting with strangers.

I would have love to be a part of this day with you and the rest of the gals. Book signings are becoming my favorite past time. Thank you Brenda for sharing with us today. Make sure to stop by and say hello to Brenda on her BLOG or on TWITTER

If you would like for your book signing to be featured on the blog, then send me a EMAIL with 1-3 pictures and a blurb. 


  1. Awwwww... I'm truly touched, and admittedly a bit teary-eyed right now! I am so very thankful to have met and befriended Brenda, Lisa, Killian and Robin this past year. And I thank my lucky stars every day for Kristin. She's the best crit partner a girl could ask for! Brenda said it right. These ladies are beyond awesome, and I'm so thankful to call them friends!

    I hadn't been to many book signing either, so I also have to thank Lisa Langdale for planting that bug in me. Because of her I was able to attend a Suzanne Collins signing! Woot! Love you, girl!

  2. Woohoo! I feel famous!!!
    I have a much better picture of Lisa Sanchez at her Eve of Samhain book signing :) (she MAY or may not be licking her book! Hubba hubba)

    I guess I'll be repetitive here and also say how happy I am to have met all these amazing women in the past year! I feel so lucky to live (fairly) close to all of them!

  3. Awww, I'm right there with you ladies. *smiling ear to ear* That was so sweet to be included among a list of such fabulous authors and fast-growing friends.

    I'm touched. :)

  4. Looks like fun! Great job ladies!

  5. :) Group hug!!! Thanks for the post Yara. I can't wait to meet you too!


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