Reading Nook of the Week: Author Jennifer Lane

Reading Nook of the Week

Help me welcome today to Reading Nook of the Week, Author Jennifer Lane. She has written The Conduct Series. Let see where Jennifer reads and possibly writes her book ideas. 

Yara, thanks so much for inviting me to share my favorite reading nook! Juggling two careers leaves me less time for reading than I’d like, so I sometimes multi-task by reading on the recumbent exercise bike. Here’s my Nook sitting on the bike:

And here’s me pedaling away while reading about a yummy man in uniform in Suzanne Brockman’s Hawken’s Heart. (This poor woman at the gym must’ve thought I was NUTS asking her to take my photo while reading on the bike!)

And sometimes I read on my comfy sofa, where I also do the bulk of my writing. My cat/reading companion Izzie wasn’t a fan of the photo op, and she’s trying to escape.

What a great sport the lady that took your picture. Thanks for sharing with us today. These are great spots. Make sure to stop by and say Hello to Jennifer on her blog or twitter.

If you would like for your book signing to be featured on the blog, then send me a EMAIL with 1-3 pictures and a blurb. 


  1. Thanks for the opportunity to share my favorite reading spot, Yara!

  2. I FINALLY comprehend the feasibility of reading on an exercise bike! Thanks for the pics Jen and Yara!


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