Cover Revealed: The Onyx Talisman

The Onyx Talisman
Talisman Series - Book Three
Author: Brenda Pandos
Reading Level: YA
Release Date: November 11th 2011

Summary: (from Author) All was perfect in Julia’s life until Nicholas had his vampire blood-lust activated by his mother Alora, her immortal enemy, turning him evil and bent on revenge. Heartbroken and out of choices, Phil and Julia ran away in the middle of the night, with Scarlett on foot, to Orange County to warn and plead Nicholas’ Godfather for help. Once arriving at Harry’s though, the local coven accosted them and they narrowly escaped.

After they returned home, there was a huge showdown between Phil, Nicholas, Scarlett, Alora, Katie and Julia. Alora almost got what she wanted—Julia’s vampire warding talisman—but Preston, Nicholas’ father, and Harry came to the rescue. They escorted Nicholas and Alora back to Beverly Hills, pledging to return Nicholas free from his blood-lust. But all Julia’s received in the past four months is a letter stating Nicholas
missed her along with some song lyrics and promise of a quick return. That was a month ago. 

Now Julia awaits Nicholas’ return with the Fab Five Coven: Phil and Katie—the sober vampires, Scarlett—the half-vamp/shape-shifter, and Tyler and Julia—the inducted humans. She’s stuck in Scotts Valley with Phil as her self-appointed chaperon and no way to return to Los Angeles to check on Nicholas. Only Scarlett and Julia know her fate ultimately involves the demise of all vampires, possibly including the ones she loves. When the time comes, will she even have a choice?

Find out in the final installment of the bestselling Talisman Series November 16, 2011!

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I was extremely happy when Brenda contacted asking if I wanted to reveal the cover on Friday. Ive been waiting to see what the last book in the trilogy would look like. I told Brenda this is the best cover of the three books. I LOVE it. What attracts me to it is the color scheme, it pulls me in. 

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