Cover Revealed: Virtue

Author: Amanda Hocking
Reading Level: YA
Release Date: May 2011

Summary: (from Amanda's Blog) n a world filled with magic, love might be the final answer in the eternal battle between good and evil. When Lux is tasked with retrieving the virtuous Lily for his master, his entire world is put in danger. Lux must battle goblins, demon dogs, and sea dragons to rescue the one he loves, and that's only the beginning... 
Virtue is a fairy tale for young adults with action, suspense, and romance. It contains mild language and some suggestive dialogue. Recommended ages 14 and up.

Ive only heard great things about this author. This cover is very mystical and beautiful, it makes me happy to look at it. Click on the title of the book to visit Amanda's blog post regarding her new book. 

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