Sunday before BEA

Hey everyone, its Yara blogging from NY. I arrived today (almost missed my flight). Today once my luggage arrived on the next plane, I finally was on my way to Casa de Blogger. We are pretty much all here, a few more arrived tomorrow. What a great house, so many floors. You see labtops, books and suitcases all over the house. We are just chilling today getting ready for the craziness to start tomorrow. 

My activities tomorrow consist of HarperCollins Breakfast then Simon & Schuster Preview lunch and then head on over to attend Teen Author Carnival. So Yes I am very excited, I might not sleep. Well I think dinner is ready. Will post my recap for Monday tomorrow. See you all then. 


  1. Yara, I SO wish I was there with you guys! Give Cindy, Christin and all the rest a big squeeze for me!

  2. Gald you made it there safely! Have fun!


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