Cover Revealed: Born of Silence

A League Novel #5
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Reading Level: Adult
Release Date: TBA

Summary: (from Sherrilyn Kenyon Website) The Hero: Darling, A member of one of the most prominent aristocratic families on Caron, Darling doesn't like the noble lifestyle. So he spends his days hanging with friends his family would never approve of. That's fine by him. He doesn't approve of his family either- which is why he's doing his best to help bring them down. 

He has a bad scar down the side of his face that he keeps covered with hair, but in the shadows, the scar isn't noticeable and when he fights, the hair is pulled back to give him a clean line of sight so that he can do more damage.

Darling is a man of many, many secrets and is a shadow who hides in plain sight.

The Heroine: Ariel, The daughter of a career criminal, Ariel was raised on the backstreets of hell. She clawed her way out and learned to be one of the best tracers in the business.

A wanted felon, she is a lead rebel trying to bring down one of the most powerful dynasties in the United Systems. Her greatest asset is a mysterious member of the Sentella she knows nothing about, one who leaks valuable intel to her and who is willing to risk his life for her.

If only she knew who he really was...

The cover was just revealed on Facebook and you can see it on Kenyon's site. More information will be coming out soon about the book. you can click HERE to view the Facebook post or HERE for Kenyon's site. The cover stays in the pattern of the older books, so I think its very fitting. 

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