Giveaway Winners!

Its that time again to announce some giveaway winners.

And here are the winners...

*yadkny* - wins Swag from Who the bigger Harry Potter fan post

These winners below are all from the 2000 Follower Thank you giveaway...


  1. darn did not win. follow gfc rlrlaney
    follow me back please. need to get to 150 only have 10

  2. OhMyGo0dness!! Yay!! I've been pineing for that book! Thank you bunches!!! EEk! =)

  3. You have got to be kidding me, I am about to fall out of my chair in utter happy surprise. I am so utterly, utterly thrilled to be reading this book that I'm shocked.

    Thank you so much!

  4. Thank you so much!! I've been wanting to read this book so bad.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! :)

    And thank you!


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