Book Tour: Queen of the Sylphs Author Post + Excerpt

Welcome to our first post on the L.J. McDonald's Queen of the Sylphs book tour. Today we bring you a guest post from L.J. and a excerpt from the book. Then look for our second post today with a review and giveaway. 

L.J. McDonald Links: Blog / Goodreads / Dorchester Publishing

When I’m not Writing:

When I’m not writing or at my full time job as a Master Corporal in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I have a lot of hobbies that keep me busy. Enough that I don’t really have time to go to work (laugh).

I draw. I have some of my art on my blog at and on my Deviantart site at I also knit. I love knitting, especially lace and cables. I’ve knit a lot of sweaters, shawls, and even toys. I find it relaxing.

For stress release, I play computer games. I’m most creative for writing in the morning, so in the evening I’m more inclined to go online and hack something to death. I play DragonAge II, but I’m mostly online in World of Warcraft in the RP realm Argent Dawn, usually on a Night Elf trouble magnet nicknamed Hydraa.

I also read, every chance I get. I have a plethora of books on my kindle and I’m always grabbing more. If I don’t have two or three books to read, I’m just not happy.

I was asked what pets I have. I have two cats: a fat black cat named Fearless, who’s anything but, and Pooka, a pure-bred Maine Coon who’s far smarter than the average cat and who deeply loves my husband. I’m useful to her in that I put out the food. I also have a four and a half foot long bull snake named Noble and a sandfire bearded dragon named Mama, as well as four zebra danio fish and a couple of snails. Feeding the lot of them takes some organization first thing in the morning, but they’re worth it.

Thank you to L.J. for sharing with us today and below you will see the link you must click to view the excerpt from Queen of the Sylphs. Enjoy! Look for our second post today with our review and a fun giveaway.

Queen of Sylphs Excerpt: CLICK HERE

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