Blog Tour: This or That with Nina from Truth (XVI #2) by Julia Karr

Welcome to the next stop on the Truth Blog Tour for Julia Karr. You can see the full scheduled over at Teen Book Scene HERE. Today Nina shares with us her This or That. 

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1. Truth or Dare? - Truth - After a life full of lies, she only wants the truth.

2. Real or Not Real? - Real - It’s taken her so long to figure out what’s real, she only wants reality.

3. Book or eReader? - Book - Ginnie, her mom, treasured books. She feels like she’s holding a little bit of her mother when she holds a book.

4. Dystopian or Paranormal? - Dystopian - Of course, that is her life!

5. Love or Lust? - Love - In a world where lust is the norm, she wants the real thing - love.

6. Young Adult or Adult? - Adult - She’s had to grow up already. And as much as she’d like to be a teenager, it’s too late for that.

7. Male POV or Female POV? - Female - Guys already have the upper hand in her world.

8. Freedom or 1,000,000? - Freedom - Freedom - Freedom

9. Summer or Winter? - Summer - She’s always cold.

10. Beach or Mountains? - The closest she’s come to either is the lake shore. She likes it.

11. Fantasy or Reality? - Reality

12. Call or Text? - Call - She wants to hear the voices of the people she loves.

13. Pepsi or Coke? - Coke

14. Facebook or Twitter? - Neither. They make her feel too vulnerable.

15. Book Bloggers or Media? - Book Bloggers - the Media lies.


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  2. Ha! Book bloggers or media...interesting answer.


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