Book & Audio Review: The Next Always by Nora Roberts + Audio Book Giveaway

The Next Always
Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy #1
Author: Nora Roberts
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Reading Level: Adult
Genre: Romance
Run-Time: 11 hours 26 mins
Released: November 1st 2011
Review Sources: Book (Purchased) / Audio (Brilliance Audio)
Available: Audio / Book

Summary: (from goodreads) The historic hotel in Boonsboro has endured war and peace, changing hands, even rumored hauntings. Now it’s getting a major facelift from the Montgomery brothers and their eccentric mother. Beckett is the architect of the family, and his social life consists mostly of talking shop over pizza and beer. But there’s another project he’s got his eye on: the girl he’s been waiting to kiss since he was fifteen.

After losing her husband and returning to her hometown, Clare Brewster soon settles into her life as the mother of three young sons while running the town’s bookstore. Busy, with little time for romance, Clare is drawn across the street by Beckett’s transformation of the old inn, wanting to take a closer look . . . at the building and the man behind it.

With the grand opening inching closer, Beckett’s happy to give Clare a private tour - one room at a time. It’s no first date, but these stolen moments are the beginning of something new - and open the door to the extraordinary adventure of what comes next . . .

It has been a while since I've read a Nora Roberts book, but she is probably one of the first Romance writers I ever read. So anytime a new book comes out I definitely gravitate towards it and love it. This book was no exception. Nora always have very lovely covers they just are so romantic, they don't have to be overly flashy with half naked men(although those are nice too!), and just so simple.

The book is about three brothers, The Montgomerys, rebuilding an inn in a small town in BoonsBoro, Maryland. The building as endured many years of damage and they are creating a whole new look on the inside. I was very intrigued with how they were creating the rooms, they had the cutest names for those. I wont spoil it for you, but its the most unique thing I've heard of. I was so intrigued I visited Nora Roberts website and apparently this book is based on a real Inn in Maryland that is owned by none other than Nora Roberts! It seems so fantastical that I might have to go spend some time there haha.

Back to the book, Clare and Beckett are a very lovely pair and they've known each other for years upon years. Beckett has had a crush on Clare since high school but just has never made a move, but now Clare has three little boys of her own and the interactions with them and their little personalities make you fall in love with them too. There is some hoops that they both have to jump through, and a creepy guy to deal with but its a read that you just want to curl up and have it happen to you, minus the creepy guy part haha.

I loved this book and would always recommend a book of Nora's to anyone that just loves the romance genre because they are always filled with amazing connections and family interactions, and the way she describes everything makes you visualize it like you are in the rooms with the characters. Definitely pick this one up!

Audio Performance: The performance of the audio book by McLeod Andrews was excellent, his enunciation is very clear. Love the inflection he gives to each character to give them life in your mind. The whole experience was very enjoyable.

Book: Being a big fan of Nora Roberts books, I jumped to the chance of listening to this book. After just finishing two very fast paced and high action novels, I relished the opportunity to immerse in the soft, sweet and romantic plots of Nora’s writing.

The story is sweet, funny, slow paced and enjoyably relaxing and my only issue was that there was too much location and setting description and less character building .

Beckett Montgomery, is one of the three brothers working to restore the Old Inn in their small town and he has a special connection to the Inn’s resident ghost. Clare Brewster, a widow and mother of three very active boys, returns to her home town after the death of her husband to be close to her family. After a series of events, Beckett can now approach with confidence his lifelong crush, Clare who is also realizing that she has feeling for him. To make things interesting a stalker puts Clare and her kids in danger, and her rescuers receive help from someone unexpected.

The variety of the other characters and the brothers gives a great preamble to the next sequel . Can wait to read what NR has in stock for us .

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  1. The Next Always is certain to be a wonderful book, one that will keep your interest from the first page to the last I don't believe Nora Roberts has ever written a bad or ho-hum book. I can hardly wait to read this one!


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